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Pretty huh? To bad it doesn't fit.

So, this is the poncho I started to create using another pattern as inspiration. All I can say is that the original pattern was designed for skinny b#&%*'s and not beautiful real women with curves. So... I'll be tearing out some seams, pulling out a border and knitting on. If that still doesn't work, I'll have to go yarn shopping for another blue panel and it will just be a nice looking wrap. Some days...

Any other suggestions fella's?


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I'm hacking away at it now

I'm hacking away at it now adding additional length to it. Though I am a bit uninterested in it, the person who was expecting it know's of it's existance so I can't just put it aside. I want to complete it. I have a thing about completion. And as for hanging knitting on the wall... Ever been to Wyoming? It's one of the dustiest places on earth I now believe and I can't imagine vaccuuming my knitting where it hangs. So, here's to measuring the recipeint before designing for them.

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"Dang!"...as some relatives

"Dang!"...as some relatives would put it. [Mine would be more pungent.] It is such a great design, too. Both of your solutions would fix the problem, though. Good thing you can salvage it....it really is a nice design.

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Your idea of removing the

Your idea of removing the border and adding on to the panel will fix the size problem....and it should look just as you envision it!

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Those cables are Great. Just

Those cables are Great. Just beautiful.

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It really is a beautiful

It really is a beautiful piece of knitting and I love that slash of blue running through it. The cables are great and I like the borders. I am sure that even the greatest of designers do not get things right the first time. I am not a great designer and if something doesn't work out, I chalk it up to experience and never redo it since it has lost its interest for me. If that were mine, I would undo it, sew pockets for a rod in the back, and hang it up on a wall because the cable is so dramatic and beautiful.

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What is it MMario says "Block

What is it MMario says "Block Vigorously"......well it might help lol, good luck with what ever you decide and yes the cables are wonderful. Maybe try widening and lengthening the darker blue then lengthen the seam so neck size is correct???

I'm loving the cable pattern

I'm loving the cable pattern you used. Very nice!

So nice. Love it!

So nice. Love it!

I hates them skinny bi@#$es

I hates them skinny bi@#$es too. Thrilled by the celtic cables!

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if you'd told her it was a

if you'd told her it was a straight jacket maybe she wouldn't have minded. Hang in there.. it's a lovely art piece if nothing else

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I have seen similar ponchos

I have seen similar ponchos and wondered how the size would compare to real women. Thanks for shouldering the pangs of reality for us. I love the patterns that say "one size fits all". Clearly they don't live in the real world.
I really like the colors you are using and two colors you have used and how you have used them together. Very neat.


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Always something, eh?

Always something, eh?