Ganesy programme

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Dear Knitters,

Hope you all had a good Christmas. I was back at my desk today and heard this great programme on bathe radio about Ganseys. There weren't a lot of male knitters in the programme - but it was moving and interesting and great radio. You can listen to it here:



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Speaking of Scottish brogue,

Speaking of Scottish brogue, if anyone is near Arvada Colorado on January 22, you're invited to our Robert Burns Supper. Haggis, whisky, music, poetry and much more. It's a great time.

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I made a brown betty of

I made a brown betty of Scottish breakfast tea, sat down with my sock knitting and my cuppa and listened to all this Scottish brogue. I enjoyed this programme a lot. I have always been fascinated by ganseys, especially by the design of form-fitting garment with short sleeves, gussets and above the waist bottom hem so that it was very practical and functional garment. The different stitch paterns are interesting, too. I do believe that the fishermen also knitted ganseys and socks as did the women. I have thought about knitting a gansey but I'm too addicted to the colour work of the Fair Isle patterns. It is good to know that there is an effort being made to preserve this history in the place where it began. Thanks for sharing this link!

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Two countries divided by a

Two countries divided by a single language....

"A brown betty of Scottish breakfast tea" conjures up some very peculiar images...a "brown betty" in New England, where I grew up, is an apple and pastry-ish dish similar to a cobbler....

This is wonderful. Thanks so

This is wonderful. Thanks so much for posting the link!

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Thanks for sharing this with

Thanks for sharing this with me. I am very interested in knitting a Gansey. I got 2 books this week. So I can hardly wait to start knitting mine.