A little segment on our local Fox channel's evening news

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This was shot last month at Trumpet Hill, my favorite LYS. I'm uneasy having my picture taken, so having a TV camera pointed at me was actually downright frightening. But still, I'm always happy to advocate for and encourage men who knit. I think the final piece came out quite nice.




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Fantastic! I've known you

Fantastic! I've known you from MWK for the past 6 years and this is the first time I've heard your voice! You were great on camera (love the socks you're knitting) - a real star! Thanks for sharing this with us and the world!

Great job! Thanks for

Great job! Thanks for spreading the word!

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Bravo!!! You are a wonderful

Bravo!!! You are a wonderful ambassador for guys that knit!

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Saw this on Ravelry and

Saw this on Ravelry and commented there. You did a great job, Aaron. I wouldn't have guessed you were uncomfortable at all. Nice socks, too.

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Well done Aaron!

Well done Aaron!

Wonderful. For someone

Wonderful. For someone uncomfortable when a camera is around you looked as though you did this every day. Nice looking socks, too. Is it your own yarn?

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Wonderful job of encouraging

Wonderful job of encouraging others and spreading the craft and art! If you were terrified it didn't show at all. And just like the retreats, it's wonderful to put a face and voice to the online persona.

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Aaron....My compliments to

Aaron....My compliments to you. That was terrific!! You are going to be a star someday!!

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Well done, Aaron! You are a

Well done, Aaron! You are a natural on television. I think it's great that you promoted this Web site too. The socks you were knitting were quite nice as well.


Acquainting with you through

Acquainting with you through this forum and facebook is a very special pleasure for me. Seeing the segment and putting a voice to the face made you so much more realistic to me. I thought it was a brilliant piece and I was tickled by the support and enabling you offer by it for all men. Keep up the great work Aaron. You are amazing!

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That was a great story,

That was a great story, Aaron. Thanks for sharing it with us all. And don't worry... you looked great on camera.