Mutlu Noeller!

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Happy Holidays, Bob. And to

Happy Holidays, Bob. And to your friend Demetri, too. Thanks for bringing him to our side of the fiber world.

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Αχουυυυ, καλώστονεεεεε! Εν

Αχουυυυ, καλώστονεεεεε! Εν τάξει να κάνουμε κανένα Χριστουγεννιάτικο μάθημα; :)

Hey everyone I have to brag about this, Sara Katsan is the friend I stayed with in New York; I sucked him into the knitting vortex. Wait till y'all see his first project!

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That's quite a frisky Santa!

That's quite a frisky Santa!

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Hehe yeah...the pickpocketing

Hehe yeah...the pickpocketing as well as physical harassment of women on Istanbul's main drag on New Year's Eve is so famous that they've deployed all manner of special "plainclothesmen" (if a Santa suit can be considered "plain," that is).

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Mutlu Noeller arkadaşım, and

Mutlu Noeller arkadaşım, and Xρόνια Πολλά φίλε'μ.
(Μόλις αγόρασα DPNs και είμαι έτοιμος να skype...)

Wishing you all a most Happy of all Holidays