A Simple Christmas Baby Blanket

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Hello Guys,
I hope you are all getting your projects finished in time for Christmas. I still have a couple more to go, but got a baby blanket made for my bosses new baby girl. It's just simple washcloth design done on a bigger scale with 55% acrylic and 45% cotton. To even out the stitches, I threw it in the washer and then the dryer and it came out softer than when it went in.

I thought I'd share some photos with you. Some are done to put in a card that is going with the blanket as a keepsake for their daughter, so I put a bit of Christmas decoration in them.



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Mark, Your work is alwyas


Your work is alwyas wonderful and what a beautiful gift for baby and the ribbons!!!! Sid

Have to agree about the

Have to agree about the ribbons. Makes that old simple dishrag pattern fit for a princess.

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Mark, that did come out just

Mark, that did come out just great! Those ribbons were just the perfect touch. Very lucky baby and parents.

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The ribbons are such a good

The ribbons are such a good idea. Beautiful work.

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Mark, it turned out

Mark, it turned out beautifully!
Question...did you sew the bows so they won't come untied???
(I'd recommend it...)

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Nicely done! Simple, but

Nicely done! Simple, but serviceable, and yet quite elegant. I do like that touch with the ribbons -- very nice!