Thrummed Mitts

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This is a pair of mitts for a good old Canadian winter lol

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Always great to see your work

Always great to see your work and hear about Nova Scotian life Dennis. Thanks reminding me about thrumming. I have disturbing large amount of Briggs and Little roving stashed somewhere. Time to get at some mittens again :-) All the best to you guys.


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Those are great mittens,

Those are great mittens, Dennis And you can use extra bits of bulky yarn for the thrums, or even washed locks of fleece. I imagine a few strands of yarn held together would also work for thrums. Just perfect for chilly weather.

Such good work. Can't wait to

Such good work. Can't wait to get there.

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When I was in Canada they

When I was in Canada they were selling kits at the store that I use for sock yarn. I think the product came from Briggs and Little in New Brunswick. (Your part of the world.) They look so nice and warm. Have you made many of them? I now wished I would have picked up a kit because I really like yours. It is a wonderful time of year in Nova Scotia if you are a knitter - although it has been cold here in Morelia as well. Do you miss your lovely yarn store in Toronto?

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Oh yes Ron I miss it very

Oh yes Ron I miss it very much, there are a couple of good yarn stores down here but are some distance away and I don't drive much anymore. I am sure there is a pattern on Ravelry for the mitts and all you need for the thrums is unspun wool. Not sure how readily that is in Mexicon lol.