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A pattern of my own design, with blocks of half-herringbone. The yarn is Kertzer Down to Earth Cotton. It is organic cotton, environmentally friendly dyed. It looks like the dye was sprinkled over the yarn, creating interesting clumps of color. It is done on size 5 Lion Brand plastic needles (my normal choice for nearly anything), and this is as-yet the thinnest needles I've used for a project.

UPDATE: The pattern:

This was a simple pattern. Cast on 47 stitches. The recommended needle size for this yarn was 3, but I used 5. I think it's 2-ply yarn (it says "fine"). Obviously, if you use thicker yarn or needles, you will have to cut the pattern down. You will want to go a little larger than the recommended needle size because the half-herringbone fagot stitch looks better when it is a little loose.

The first and last stitches are always selvedge. I slip the first, knit the last, but that is a matter of personal preference.

Start with 7 rows of garter.

Next, after the selvedge stitch, knit six. Then, do eleven columns of half-herringbone, which is (k, yo, k2tog). End with six knit stitches, then your selvedge. Repeat eleven times. (Yes, the knits and knit-2's will blend with the border garter.)

Continue with seven garter, eleven blocked lace, finally ending in seven garter when you decide it's done.

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Ooooooo! I need you share the

Ooooooo! I need you share the pattern.

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That is very nice.

That is very nice.

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I like the break up of the

I like the break up of the pattern! Great job.

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I like this pattern and

I like this pattern and color.