Decreases for 2X2 ribbed hat?

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I'm doing a gauge swatch with a knitting sheath and some US1 needles. In keeping with some good advice, the swatch is a hat. Like, if you're making a swatch anyway, why not make it something useful?

So I cast on, found it was too big, ripped it out and cast on fewer, and now I've got about a five inch tube. It occurred to me that I usually just cinch the top of the tube shut for these hats, but I thought it would be interesting to actually decrease at the top and shape the head on this one. Since it's 2X2 ribbing, I'm thinking the decreases should be in groups of four so the pattern keeps going. It's on four needles (n a square) and I knit with the fifth one, so I could do a set of decreases at each corner, with several rows in between. Does that make sense?

Anyway, any advice about how to do the decreases would be appreciated.

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Well, thanks to some sage

Well, thanks to some sage advice from Tallguy, the hat is finished, though you can't blam him for how it turned out. I did a nice double decrease that he recommended, but I calculated wrong on where to do it, and dropped a few stitches that made it look a bit weird in places. But I've had several compliments on it, so I guess it turned out ok.

This was my first experiment using US1 steel needles and a knitting sheath. Now I want to try one with cables. These are swatches for my gansey sweater that I want to make.

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A really nice hat I have made

A really nice hat I have made [and worn] several times over has 2x2 rib for about 6 inches then goes to K4 x P2 rib for 2 inches and then you begin decreasing the knit section every 2-3 rounds, maintaining the P2. When you get to the point where you would K2tog, you also P2tog around; Knit one round plain; K2tog around; K one round; K2tog around, then draw up the top and finish off the ends. The only requirement is that you have a multiple of 6 stitches when you knit the main body and crown. Very comfortable and fast, too. Lots of luck.

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OR (just to confuse you) you

OR (just to confuse you)

you could do a row of P2TOG, K2 around (which would mean that you end up with about a 30% decrease in stitches and your following round would be:
K2, P1
After a few rounds of that, you could do K2TOG, P1 around (which makes a total of 50% decrease from the original number of stitches). The following rounds would be:
K1, P1

After doing that for a while, you could K2tog, K1, P1 around, then do a couple more rows following the stitch pattern (which I think would be K2, P1) and continue like that.

Whatever you do, if it's something like this or another method, be sure to write down what you do! That way if you like it, you'll be able to do it again... and if you don't, you might be able to study your notes to learn why you doin't like whatever it is you have done...

can't wait to see the hat!


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That's a good one Kyle. I

That's a good one Kyle. I like it.

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Here's one that I do. It

Here's one that I do. It pulls the hat in sharply and makes a nice flat top.
Round l - p2 tog, k2 tog ( if you start with the purls, it makes the stitches top each other better.)
Round 2 - p1, k1
Round 3 - k2 tog
Round 4 - k
Round 5 - k2tog
Break yarn and pull through

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I'm curious about that Ron.

I'm curious about that Ron. Do you mean I'm purling the knit stitches? Cuz they're at the beginning.

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No. Just move the beginning

No. Just move the beginning over two stitches. Now you are at two purl stitches and then you can start round 1.

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I think I started with a

I think I started with a decrease every five ribs...then a couple of rows later did them every four ribs...etc. ..until I was out of pearl ribs...then started knitting two knit ribs together sort of every fourth one...etc
Just work out a symmetrical pattern of decreases.

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That makes sense Bill,

That makes sense Bill, thanks.

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I just finished a hat for my

I just finished a hat for my son...and I did all the decreases in the pearl part of the ribs until I got about two thirds done...then I started decreasing the ribs.
Worked very well.

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So I just do k2p1 in a few

So I just do k2p1 in a few places, and repeat after a few rows? Guess I'd have to pay attention to which ones I've already done, right?