San Miguel Allende

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Ola' from San Miguel de Allende. This place is incredible, beautiful, charming and magical.

There is one nice yarn shop run by an American ex pat from San Francisco but doesn't really have anything I can't get back in the States. I did find a Mexican shop but it had nothing but harshly colored acrylic - really frightening colors.

My nylon cirs made it here on the plane, I'll let you know if they make it back.

We head home tomorrow.


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Have fun! Beautiful pic!

Have fun! Beautiful pic!

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Highly jealous of the

Highly jealous of the hope you had a great time!

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Spent about 10 weeks in

Spent about 10 weeks in Guanajuato about fifteen years ago studying Spanish and visited San Miguel twice. Should have studied in San Mighel as it is by far a more beautiful city. Have a safe trip home.


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Here's hoping the needles get

Here's hoping the needles get home okay. Look forward to more tales of the trip. Hope you had a great time.

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Have a good holiday.

Have a good holiday.