In an adventurous mood.

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I felt like undertaking a new adventure yesterday afternoon, so I brought out this sock yarn I had purchased not too long ago and found a online tutorial on how to knit socks. The sock could look a whole lot better but I'm not going to complain too much about it since it is my first try. I didn't pay too much attention to the leg portion because this was just a practice sock. I was more interested in learning about the heel flap, turning the heel, the gusset and toe decreases. The only problem I had at the end was getting together the Kitchener stitch at first so there's a wee little hole at the big toe. I guess I shouldn't complain too much about the way the sock looks.

La'Shana tov & shalom.

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That is a great beginning

That is a great beginning sock!! Looks like you have indeed been bitten, so keep on knittin.

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Thanks! Working on another

Thanks! Working on another now.

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Welcome to the dark side of

Welcome to the dark side of knitting. Knitting socks is like crack, but there's no 12 step program.

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Hey, wait a minnit, I thought

Hey, wait a minnit, I thought LACE was the dark side of knitting! Or are there two dark sides? What about knitting lace socks, where does that put one?

But they are addicting. I think the main reason I haven't knit a sweater of any kind yet is that I got into socks and still have too many that I want to do.

Seriously though, the socks look good, cuff and all! So welcome to a, if not *the*, dark side. :)

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Socks are the crack of

Socks are the crack of knitting and lace is the X. Lace socks are a dual addiction - very dark!

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True. I've already started

True. I've already started another along with a hat. Think I may be developing knitting ADHD.

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Your socks look nice. I

Your socks look nice. I taught myself to do socks by knitting Xmas socks for the younger members of the family using size 7 needles and worsted yarn. Eventually, I went to size 5 needles and worsted, then 3mm needles and sport and, finally, 2.25mm needles and sock yarn. I use a simple ankle length sock/slipper on size 7 needles and bulky yarn to teach easy socks where you learn ribbing, heel flap and turn, gussets, and toes in a project that knits up very fast. I use a round toe - like a hat -so as not to fuss with Kitchener work with beginners. [Which is true with most of my socks, even though I know how to weave it.] After that, you can adapt your sock to any type of style you want. The advantage of the bulky yarn and large needles is that you can learn the basics and see what you are doing before moving on to finer yarns and needles. Less expensive, too, just in case you decide sock making isn't for you.

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Thanks! I used 3.25mm DPNs on

Thanks! I used 3.25mm DPNs on the sock. I'd actually like to try socks in a bulkier yarn for wearing around the house. Going to research socks a bit more. I was reading how to do the Kitchener stitch and I think I missed the first bit of instructions but got it down after a couple of other tries.

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I think when you try

I think when you try something for the first time, it is smart to do a practice work and not really care about the finished project, other than the knowledge gained. I would love to try and make socks, when I read the instructions, they don't make much sense and are a bit confusing, but you trust the pattern and do it and it starts to make sense.

I can't wait to see your "Birthday Socks"

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At least it fits! My first

At least it fits! My first sock was f**king mammoth! Too big for Big Foot... It was like size 10 thousand or something. I don't know what I did. I need to try it again. There's been a discussion on Ravelry MWK recently about kilts and it's made me realize that I like wearing cut off jeans with knee socks. I think that I'm going to use Red Heart though, until I can make a sock exactly the way I want it. I'm among the working poor and don't have the money to spend on good yarn that I'm just going to have to rip out repeatedly. I'm awed by the socks I see posted here. I'm determined to make some post-worthy knee socks soon. All the best...

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Good wool rips out just as

Good wool rips out just as nicely as RedHeart...and feels nicer through all the struggles!
Tom, I have tons of good wool in my stash that I'll be happy to give you...just let me know when you're coming to Sunday knit...

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Thanks, Bill. I'm more

Thanks, Bill. I'm more interested in your knee sock/kilt hose experience than your stash (although I have the impression that it's a knitter's version of Ali Baba's cave :0) and can't help but wonder...) And yes, I need/want to check back into Sunday afternoon knit. What about yourself, though? Will you be out for the entire opera season?

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I won't be there this Sunday

I won't be there this Sunday Tom...
but I can meet you some other time...I DO have some good wool that I need to give away...
I've changed my thinking on some projects...LOL

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You are too kind, Bill.

You are too kind, Bill. Sunday afternoon is really the best time for me. I hope that I won't have to wait too long for the next opportunity to sit down with you. I'm really very interested in what you might have to say about making a pair of knee socks and how their construction differs from regular socks. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon...

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I have two pair in the works

I have two pair in the works Tom...both with MadelineTosh...and both double stranded for bulk. I've worked out a simple formula for the tall socks...
We'll have to get together...

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Hmmm... I've been wondering

Hmmm... I've been wondering about double-knitting them for bulk but thought they might end up being too warm... But perhaps double-knit with sock yarn might be OK. In any event I'm very interested to see what you've been up to as well as the formula for the tall socks.

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It fit by accident. LOL. I

It fit by accident. LOL. I didn't do any measuring or anything of that nature. Just picked up the needles and went with it. I'm in the same club and I just happened to pick this up while it was on sale. Now, I did splurge on some Chroma sock yarn from Knit Picks yesterday but it was a birthday gift to myself.

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Thanks! I do believe I have

Thanks! I do believe I have been bitten by the sock bug now. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Eventually I would like to learn the toe up method too.

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Pat yourself on the back. A

Pat yourself on the back. A great sock. You will never look back.