Custom Knits 2

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Thank you, thank you, thank you to Wendy Bernard, for living up to her promise!

The opening section of her new book Custom Knits 2 clearly offering a welcome acknowledgement that ANY garment design can be adapted to a man, woman or child, AND OFFERING guidance how to make the changes marks her as an American Cultural Treasure!

I cannot imagine how much tenacity and daring it took for her to get this simple, elegant and so-long ignored idea into the book. Gentlemen, if you want to see the opening salvo of the artificially-maintained and unnecessarily believed as faith barrier between the knitting sexes and ages destroyed in one simple action, go buy this book.


I will shamelessly promote this idea every chance I get.


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Bless Wendy Bernard.

Bless Wendy Bernard.

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Will have to check this one

Will have to check this one out. Thanks for the tip off.

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Thanks for the heads up and

Thanks for the heads up and welcome back!

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Thanks...good to be here!

Thanks...good to be here!