Visiting the DC area

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I will be in the DC/Baltimore area Oct 4 through 7 (okay - longer - but the previous and following weekends and monday the 3rd are already booked solid)

Any suggestions for activities?



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okay - I'm in my hotel -

okay - I'm in my hotel - though I'm about to cash - less then 12 hours sleep since friday am....but four glorious days and three long nights filled with music, and music, and music....

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My top suggestions for DC are

My top suggestions for DC are always 1) Hillwood Estate, Musuem, & Gardens 2) Teaism on R Street N.W.-try a Salty Oats cookie, it's heaven on earth. 3) National Museum of Natural History to see the National Gem Collection and the Hope Diamond. The other suggestions here would be fun too.

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I could spend twice that time

I could spend twice that time exploring the various Smithsonian buildings. Whenever I'm in DC I have to do two things. Visit the Peacock Room at the Freer which has been recently renovated

and walk through the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden.

After that I just follow my nose. I also love the National Portrait Gallery on 8th and F streets. DC is just about my favorite city - it's such a treasure. I think people take it for granite. I'm so jealous, I wish I were going with you. Be sure to play around on The Metro, it's a blast!

I've only flown into Baltimore to get to DC so I have no idea of what might be there but it is a very attractive city.

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The metro is my idea of hell

The metro is my idea of hell on earth...though I suppose I should do some of the museums...I haven't toured any of them since 1959.

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Coffee with me. Jonathan

Coffee with me.


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Possible - cities terrify

Possible - cities terrify me....and anything much over population 10,000 is "city" to me....

I'm a rural boy.

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Now, that's a great idea!

Now, that's a great idea! [Just my 25 cents worth.]