Pultneyville Men's Fiber Escape

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I put up a Rav. Group for info. You can check it out at:

Here're the basics:

You are welcome to arrive any time on Friday, September 16, 2011 and to stay until any time on Sunday, September 18, 2011. (If you’d like to arrive earlier or stay longer, please contact me (teejtc) to explore possibilities.)

There is no cost to attend. (However, you will be responsible for your own food, etc.)

You will be staying at the Koinonia House (which is affiliated with the Pultneyville Reformed Church)

The PMFE is not a religious event, nor does it have any direct connection with the church (other than the fact that I work there), nor are participants expected to adhere to any particular religious affiliation. (I just wanted to make that clear, in case there were any concerns!) :-)

If you give a donation to the Koinonia House, those funds will be use to defray the costs of keeping it available for other guests (not to support the general ministry of the Pultneyville Reformed Church.)

Although planning will be kept to a minimum (to ensure maximum relaxation, knitting, chatting, etc.), we will be attending the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival on Saturday (September 17, 2011). (General Admission: $5)

If other field trips sound fun, we can certainly arrange them.

Meals are not provided. However, I love to cook and bake and may put together breakfasts and a few others if desired. (The house is also within easy walking distance of The Pultneyville Deli Company and the Pultneyville Grill and has a full kitchen).

There will be plenty of coffee (one of my other hobbies is home-roasting coffee) and, if you’re interested, I may be up to providing cocktails or scotch or other beverages….

All in all… my singular purpose is to set up a low-key weekend for fiber-oriented men to spend some time together.

We could easily accommodate 3 or 4 more people. Let me know if you're interested.

Grace and peace,


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If you ever do something like

If you ever do something like this again, PLEASE let me know. It's not that far for me and I'd love to attend..
I'm also a native american beader, and a traditional quiltmaker.

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Thanks for the well-wishes

Thanks for the well-wishes everyone!

It's raining and chilly today (specifically to make the grass soft and beautiful for our Saturday trip to the Fiber Festival) and forcasted to be a wonderfully woolly partly-cloudy 61 degrees on Saturday!

I'll post a few pics if we take any :-)

Grace and peace,

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That sounds brilliant! If it

That sounds brilliant! If it was not quite so far from me (like less than a couple thousand miles) I would so be there.

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Good afternoon friends! It

Good afternoon friends!

It looks like we're going to be a small group, so there's plenty of room if anyone wants to join us "last minute." Either way, should be a great weekend!

Grace and peace,

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Here's hoping it is all fun

Here's hoping it is all fun and delight.

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thought I had another

thought I had another possible attendee but I'm pretty sure he plans to be at a scottish event that weekend.

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Finger lakes fiber

Finger lakes fiber fest

Hemlock Fairgrounds in Hemlock, NY

http://www.gvhg.org/fest.html is the website.

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Wishing I could commit to

Wishing I could commit to this - but I am waiting on room info for another possible trip that weekend - and as that is probably the ONLY possible weekend this year to see a bunch of friends perform ....

on the other hand Teej moved to NY last year and I haven't met him yet; and I've always MEANT to go to the fiber fest....

Why does everything always happen the same weekend?

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Thursday is the 15th; the

Thursday is the 15th;

the 16th is a FRIDAY

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Thanks for the catch! Hoping

Thanks for the catch!

Hoping you can make it... but fully understand if you don't! Sooner or later we'll actually connect!

Grace and peace,