MMario's wedding peacock

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I finished this yesterday... seems to be the "summer of lace..."
What a great pattern!
I altered it from the original full circle, adding a garter stitch border, and given my crappy eyes did it with sock weight yarn on 10s.
The only problem was when I realized it was going to be WAY too big. I figured I'd just finish it off after the third chart, and sent MMario a message asking him for advice on how to finish it. Well, the wonderful man went WAY beyond the call, and altered the chart for me that it would have the same beautiful fan at the edge.


and BTW, how lucky am I to have a man who reminds me to stop and buy more yarn!? :)

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wow. absolutely stunning. I

wow. absolutely stunning. I am now more inspired to try my hand at lace. Great job. My partner doesnt understand about buying yarn for future projects but he is slowly getting there. LOL

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I've got a lot of K/P's to

I've got a lot of K/P's to get to something like that. Not to mention I have to remind myself to buy more yarn. But that usually means that I walk out of the store with more yarn and them new yarn for a project I noticed in a book when in the store.

Thanks for the inspiration to step it up a notch!

Have a great holiday weekend.

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Simply gorgeous!

Simply gorgeous!

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WOW!!!! Eric this is

WOW!!!! Eric this is stunning, it really turned out superp, yes I do believe it is the summer of lace. I have decided to try a Hapsalu shawl, I will post pic's in about 5 years lol.

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Beautiful work Eric! It's a

Beautiful work Eric! It's a perfectly stunning example of the fact that lace really doesn't need to be done on tiny needles.

Oh, and isn't MMario just the best?

I've been on a hiatus from my Spanish Armanda for far too long and all this wonderful MMario design eye candy is giving me the itch to get back into it.




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Beautiful looking shawl Eric

Beautiful looking shawl Eric and a great design from MMario. What size needles did you use? I prefer half circle shawls to full circle probably because I am a slow knitter and would be happy to know when the revised pattern is available. I'm in the yahoo group.

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I did it on 10s with sock

I did it on 10s with sock weight yarn.

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You can easily work the half

You can easily work the half circle with the current pattern - the revision was due to using the larger needles and yarn.

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Really gorgeous. What a team

Really gorgeous. What a team you and MMario make!!

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Great work - and terrific

Great work - and terrific pictures!

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Great work!!

Great work!!

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That's GREAT! How big is the

That's GREAT!
How big is the half circle?

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88" x 46"

88" x 46"

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That's BIG! ...great size for

That's BIG!
...great size for an evening wrap!

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I design for the woman I know

I design for the woman I know - and they like BIG wraps - my 5' 1" niece likes a 72 inch shawl.

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MMarioKKnits yahoo group or

MMarioKKnits yahoo group or on Ravelry; The revised charts are NOT in the pattern (yet).

And my designs are NADA unless someone converts them to reality - which you have done brilliantly.

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wow, that is very nice!

wow, that is very nice! where can someone get the pattern?