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I am doing multiple cables within a row. There is a c4 that repeats alternately every 4 or 6 rows and a twisted 6 st cable that repeats every 6 rows.

How many rows do I have to chart until the whole set of cables repeats? I was thinking 60 but that seemed like too many


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The mathematics of this

The mathematics of this repeat problem is that you multiply the two numbers, and that will give you a point where they will repeat again. So 4 x 6 is 24. But half of that may work as well.... so 12. The cable crossing every 4 rows will have three crossings in 12 rows.... the cable crossing every 6 rows will have two crossings in 12 rows. And the cables that crossed at the same time on row 1 will again cross at the same time on row 12 and every 12 rows thereafter. As Mr. Ross said, 12 is the lowest number divisible by both 6 and 4.

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Which would be correct IF the

Which would be correct IF the cables were a four and a six row cable

but actually they are a 10 row and a six row cable.

One cable alternates between 4 and six rows; one repeat is 10 rows. three repeats is 30 rows.

the second cable is a six row cable. five repeats is 30 rows.

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Mmario I believe has it right

Mmario I believe has it right and it makes sense. Thanks all

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Yes, I believe it repeats

Yes, I believe it repeats every 30 as well. 6 * 5 = 30, 10 * 3 = 30.

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Unless I'm misunderstanding

Unless I'm misunderstanding your question, with a 4 row repeat and a 6 row repeat, I think a 12 row chart would incorporate the various cable repeats. (i.e. 12 is the lowest number that can be divided evenly by 4 and 6).

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I was not clear. I have side

I was not clear. I have side by side different cables. One is c4 which alternates between every fourth and every sixth row. That makes it's repeat every 10 rows. The other is every 6 rows of twisted cable. The first peat is at 30, the first combo of six rows that is divisible by 10.

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the pattern repeats every

the pattern repeats every thirty rows.