Scarves for Special Olympics

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I'm not sure how many peopel know about this, so I decided to toss it onto the site. The U.S. Special Olympics is looking for scarves for all the people who are involved. I've added the website to the bottom. Check it out. If you're not working on a project and are looking to, it's a good use of time!


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I did this last year and it

I did this last year and it was a lot of fun! I'll be doing it again

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Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the information. My middle school has an active knitting club and I have just sent them the information. I love that so many people will hear about this just from your blog. Well done!


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Thanks so much for that! I

Thanks so much for that! I work at The Arc San Francisco, an agency that provides services for adults with developmental disabilities, and there are several knitters among us, both clients and staff. I will definitely be forwarding this information to all the folks at work who knit.

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You're welcome!

You're welcome!

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Thank you! I posted that to

Thank you!
I posted that to my local knitting group.