Nucleic acids and wool =)

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So its been a while since I wrote an entry... Not a lot to show off but what I do have I'm very proud of =)

So I finished the baby blanket I was working on. It didn't turn out much of a baby blanket though because of the large lace holes.. the mom uses when she breast feeds the baby, so chic! ..

This is my grandmother modeling right after I blocked it, I was so proud I almost cried since it was my first big scale knitting project =) .

Most of my knitting has gone towards an aunt, whom is battling cancer. With chemotherapy she went bald and so looked at me with puppy eyes and asked for hats.... one hat turned into 13 =) all of luxury fibers... I'm such a good nephew =). Anway, about a month ago I took out at a knitting magazine (interweave holiday 2010) and I saw this stole.. Fortunately for me, my aunt was walking by and so she asked.... how much is THAT going to cost me... (I take her to my favorite yarn shop to pick out her favorite yarns and she always fusses about the expensiveness of all the yarns .. so cute )
... so here I am, again knitting for my aunt, for free... again, LOVIN IT!... unfortunately my aunt didn't want the diagonal looking sides from the original pattern so I made a minor adjustment

here's a link to a picture of the BLOOMING STOLE i'm making


Thanks for reading guys =)


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What beautiful work, you've

What beautiful work, you've done so well. Good luck with your Blooming Stole.

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I´ll need it, now that

I´ll need it, now that classes started I haven't had time to knit at all... Thanks for the compliments =D

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Beautiful work. How great

Beautiful work. How great that you can warm your aunt with love and wool. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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love and wool...thanks =D

love and wool...thanks =D

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Bravo! Great work. You

Bravo! Great work. You brought it off beautifully. Your friends and relatives are lucky to have you!

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Thanks Tom, much appreciated

Thanks Tom, much appreciated =)

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A beautiful work of art.

A beautiful work of art. You should be proud of yourself.

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Definitely am! thanks a

Definitely am! thanks a million =)