Making another scarf...this time for me!

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I found some beautiful superwash wool to play with. I couldn't really find any patterns that tickled my fancy bone, so I just looked through a few books and came up with some cables flanked by long columns of stockinette stitches. The wool is variegated and it looks excellent when I tried it on with my suede winter jacked. I am going to make my son one next as he has finally agreed on some superwash wool to his liking. It's a pretty simple pattern I put together, nothing special by any means, except to me. I felt good when it started taking shape. I finally used garter stitches as a border so it doesn't curl into itself. Hope you like it. I'll post more when I finish it within the next few days.
I have enjoyed taking a week off of the afghan, so this was a good diversion.

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Very nice work Mark, the

Very nice work Mark, the brown is very pleasant! Sid

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Looks good Mark. I like the

Looks good Mark. I like the way the variegated colors worked together. Reminds me a bit of my favorite Palindrome version of the Irish Hiking Scarf. That's got three cables, with 2x2 ribbing on the edges, but comes up with a similar effect.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Mark, I have to say - it

Mark, I have to say - it doesn't seem like very long ago when you began posting here and were a bit of a newbie, and you may still feel that way to some degree. But check you out! You're doing your own designs now, and this one is a great thing to add to your list of accomplishments. Fantastic job!

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Thank you Ray! Your words

Thank you Ray!
Your words come on a day that was difficult outside of knitting, so I am ending the day smiling here because your beautifully kind words. My son was also very impressed with it (he's 28) and can't wait for me to make the same design for the scarf I will make for him next. I did a bit of research in Barbara G. Walker's book "A Treasury of Knitting Patterns" and found stitches I liked together and just took it from there. I think that the color (kindling) adds a nice dimension to it as well.
Again, thank you so much for your genuine words of praise. You have put a big smile on my face and that means a lot to me.


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Beautiful work, Mark, and

Beautiful work, Mark, and nice drape. I really like that colorway too!

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Thanks, Tom. I like the

Thanks, Tom. I like the colorway as well. It's called kindling and it does remind me of gathering little kindling sticks in the forest with it's time to get the fire going. It is aptly named. It also brings back some wonderful childhood memories of hiking and camping in the mountains of central Pennsylvania.

Thanks again, Tom!


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Very nice work and design,

Very nice work and design, Mark. I like the simplicity of the components and they blend well into the overall design. I guess that is a holdover from my design teacher in college: He was trained in Germany and we really learned design, by Gott. [No offense intended...that is the way Wilhelm presented himself.] It's taken me all my life to break some of those precepts but he sure gave me some sound instincts when approaching designing and finished products. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks Joe. I think the

Thanks Joe. I think the pattern is pretty simple and the columns are formed from stockinette stitch. I was initially going to make two cables in the middle and then have the garter stitch on the edges, but I think this works well too. The P2 between the columns and the cable, as well as between the column and the garter stitch, have the deign literally popping up and demanding attention. I am content with it.

Thanks again for the kind words of praise.


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I love cables! The scarf is

I love cables! The scarf is looking fantastic! I'm digging the variations of brown in that yarn.

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Thanks Mill! I got the yarn

Thanks Mill! I got the yarn from KnitPicks. It's called Swish Tonal and the color is Kindling. It reminded me of little sticks that I stomp through in a forest, so it is aptly named.

Swish Tonal

Once I bought the yarn, I also bought the swift and the ball winder, so this is one expensive little neck wrap! The variegation is nice and subtle. I'll have to see how the color my son chose looks when I make his. He chose Nevermore, that you can find at the URL above.


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Great looking scarf. Cables

Great looking scarf. Cables are always so impressive.

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Thanks, Ron. Cables are

Thanks, Ron. Cables are about as sophisticated as I get just now, and I am trying some new ones for a couple other projects that I have in mind.

Really good scarf pattern!!!

Really good scarf pattern!!! I like patterns that dont have to be blocked--or at least not blocked very much. I have thought of a variation---in place of the garter stitch, use moss stitch---that doesnt require much blocking either-----but moss stitch can be a boring thing when done in large bunches. Anyway, I like your scarf a lot!!

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Hi Rex, I thought about

Hi Rex,
I thought about using moss stitch, but I opted for simple garter. This is a mid-season scarf and garter stitch feels a bit thinner, so it will behave nicely under a coat. The yarn I used doesn't need blocking because it is superwash. I can just throw it in the laundry...not that I will. Thank you for the compliment on the pattern. It was fun to put my limited knowledge of how stitches behave to use and try to visualize it when it was just numbers and letters on a page. Thanks for your kind words.

It IS a lot of fun to come

It IS a lot of fun to come up with your own pattern----My first Fishermans sweater-based on Elizabeth Zimmerman circular knit sweater- was a central panel of moss stitch, bordered with a braided cable on either side---then a braided cable down each sleeve---a very simple pattern, but it looked good and I was very proud of the way it turned out. I knitted it from natural colored white wool that I spun myself. Gave it to my Dad for Christmas. He thought it was too good to wear and brought it out for show and tell when they had company. Sort of like a holy relic. I would rather that he had worn it. But---he was brought up in a time and place when you did not just wear your good stuff---you saved it for some mysterious future occasion. Oh, well.