Tabi (split toe) Socks - Finished!

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After finishing the second sock, I compared with the first one, which just seemed...short. I went back over my instructions and realized that I'd left out a few rows. So I then spent a couple hours inserting lifelines (because I absolutely hate to try and pick up ripped stitches when it's tightly-knit sock yarn), then cut the ends off (sob) and redid them, correctly. Lots more ends to weave in, but that's the price for carelessness I guess!

From Knittin'
From Knittin'


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Wow! Completely awesome!

Wow! Completely awesome! Utterly perfect. Those ribs(?) that run the length of the sock line right up with the toes. I've never seen anything like that. Those socks are beyond superb... Extraordinarily well done. Congratulations.

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I really like the socks.

I really like the socks. What a great idea to thread a life line. Glad it all turned out well. I have been known to throw mistakes in the fireplace.

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Very nice socks. I almost

Very nice socks. I almost wish I had a pair of geta that fit me so I can make a pair for myself. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks! You can always get

Thanks! You can always get yourself a pair of Birkenstocks. They'll come in handy if you find yourself in the Bay Area. ;)

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The closest I've come to

The closest I've come to Birkenstocks is looking at them in a shop and buying a pair of sandals of similar design. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I love your toe socks! They

I love your toe socks! They came out beautifully and the color palate really appeals to my sun sign sensibilities.

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Yeah, I wish I'd gotten more

Yeah, I wish I'd gotten more of that yarn. Oh, wait...I did! I'd actually forgotten until this moment that these were made of the skein my friend bought, but that I'd bought a skein as well. And I even went back there looking for more and was disappointed to find there was none left. (You can now imagine the chaotic state of my stash...) I'm thinking that same yarn could make a really nice shawl since the color changes aren't so extreme and are fairly frequent. Or some combination of this and a really deep blue.

nice. always love seeing

nice. always love seeing your socks :-)

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Thanks! Not that there's

Thanks! Not that there's much else to see to be honest...though I am taking a plung into the "dark side" myself and doing a lace shawl. It will be a while before that shows up here though, cause there's nupps, and nupps, and nupps....:-S

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Very nice socks! And I'm

Very nice socks! And I'm glad to hear you're trying a shawl with nupps. I actually really enjoyed the one that I just finished. Just remember to make them LOOSE or you'll have a hard time purling through them on the back. Have fun!

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I did *lots* of practice on

I did *lots* of practice on some waste yarn of the same weight (if not exactly the same consistency). I did it is loose as I could, but when I got it loose enough to actually be able to purl through them, they really looked raggedy. So unless there's something about this yarn (when I get to that point) that makes it a little easier, I'll probably be doing the "p1(or 2) and pass the rest over" method.

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Nice looking socks.

Nice looking socks.

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Well, no matter the pain to

Well, no matter the pain to get the pattern right, they look great. I hope she loves them.

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She was ooh-ing and aah-ing

She was ooh-ing and aah-ing about the yarn when I was only halfway down the cuff, so I suspect they'll be appreciated! (Would have been a pain to send them and then find out the toe was too short!)

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That would have been one of

That would have been one of those "hang up the phone, slowly walk to your room close the door, turn up the radio and swear and cuss at the Knitting Gods in every language you know swears in and make up a few just for extra kicks and giggles" moments in ones life and knitting career. I of course have never had such a moment... I leave the door open. Bob loves a good show.

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Hehe...well, the realization

Hehe...well, the realization that I'd done the first one wrong sort of sank in gradually as I finished up the second one. But what *did* have me saying bad words was when i got almost to the last 2 rows and realized that I hadn't distributed the stitches right across the needles and so the whole toe was going to be skewed...and had to rip it once more! I think I may have said "Oh, Fuck me!" at that point. (Can we say, "Oh, Fuck me" here? Just as an exclamation, not a proposition that is.) :)

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Sure you can, but in certain

Sure you can, but in certain crowds make sure it's well stated that it is not a proposition. Well, at least I have no delicate sensitivities to worry about.