Update on Bow Tie

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Well...the tie was knitting up fairly well. Worked out how to join colors and figured out the best increase to use [looped Make 1, from Elizabeth Zimmermann] and decided to get feedback from the gent I'm giving it to. --- It's too wide. And the fabric is a bit floppier than the silk ties he's used to. Anyhow, I scrounged around in my antique steel knitting needles and came up with a couple of double points that I think are Double Zeros [roughly 1mm] - possibly 000's - and am knitting a new swatch. I may still have to work over less stitches for the final tie's width, possibly adjusting the length to compensate for row count, but the fabric is a lot denser. [After all, the stitches are only a third as big.] Talk about needing a magnifier to ensure you don't mess up! I'll definitely be careful not to split any yarn. Oh well, the challenge is worth it and I know that my friend will appreciate the tie. Still, that may cause me to rethink any future ties. Although, once I get the necessary skills.....


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Thanks for posting about

Thanks for posting about this. I wear bow ties everyday. Where did you get the pat? KJ

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I had to search for

I had to search for it...(would be nice if it had been posted with the bow tie post..).

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Sorry about that, Bill. I'm

Sorry about that, Bill. I'm not very computer literate and don't know how to go about such things. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It's the pattern from

It's the pattern from KnitPicks. There are several issues with the pattern - see my previous post - and it is very specific to their yarn. Still, it is about the only pattern I could find for a knitted bow tie. It will be nice once I get it done but the headaches in the meantime are most frustrating. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.