Westknits strikes again!

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On the trip to the Men's Spring Knitting Retreat I started another shawl by Stephen West. This is my second time through this pattern ("Transatlantic" from Westknits Book Two), and I am delighted with how it came out. I especially like that it's a bit of a change from my usual blue-green color palette. Grey is my friend.

Edit: I like the reverse side of this shawl because of the colors, so the pictures show both.






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Very nice, Willy. I know

Very nice, Willy. I know that Stephen's designs are very popular. I think he does good things that are not too "trendy" making them long term fashions. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Very nice! And the

Very nice! And the Transatlantic looks pretty good too!

Thanks and curses for getting me hooked on Westknits stuff lately. I've just started section two of Clockwork that came in our goody bag, and I'm mkaing plans for using some of my handspun for the Windschief.

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Mwahahaha! Yes, use that

Mwahahaha! Yes, use that handspun! :)

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Grey is womderful isn't it?

Grey is womderful isn't it? One of my favorites to wear as well. Once again, another beautiful product. I really like that stitch patterns texture and color play. I might have to look at some more of his patterns closer.

Great work!

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Thanks! I'm definitely a

Thanks! I'm definitely a fan of Stephen's designs; they are what got me over my aversion to "shawlettes" for men.

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That is very nice. It's a

That is very nice. It's a great example of cool, contemporary men's fashion. I just recently learned about Westknits from Aaron (AMBush) and I think his designs are great. What gauge and needle size is this? Did you select the colours or were the recommended in the pattern? The photo showing it spread out was good as it shows the pattern well.

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I'm glad you like it! I have

I'm glad you like it! I have no clue what the gauge is, but I used sock yarn with US 4 needles (let's see.. that'd be 3.5mm). I've never known Stephen to recommend specific colors in his patterns; he encourages people to experiment and bring their own personal taste to the patterns, many of which make a great canvas for personal expression. That's one of the things I enjoy most about knitting his designs. I kinda chanced upon this color combination, as all of my best ideas seem to happen, heheh.

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Wow Will...that came out

Wow Will...that came out incredibly well.

For those of you who didn't get to the retreat, or Will's class up in Albany, NY a couple of weeks ago, he showed a "trunk show" of Stephen's work and it is all quite spectacular.

Here's a link to Stephen's second book (can be ordered hard-copy and digit, or just digital):


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Oh, thanks for the kind

Oh, thanks for the kind words and the link! So helpful, you are! I did a little blog about the trunk show, too:

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Dear "KnitStar" ...your

Dear "KnitStar"
...your trunk show of Stephen West pieces is wonderful!!!

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Dear "RockStar" ...Thank

Dear "RockStar"
...Thank you!! That means a great deal hearing it from you!

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ordered it! Thank you for

ordered it!
Thank you for the link...

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Thanks, Tom! The grey is

Thanks, Tom! The grey is very bluish, especially in the lighting I photographed it. In fact, when laid over my jean shorts, it looked almost the same exact color. I still think of it as a grey, but it's probably as blue as a grey can get.

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Gobsmackingly gorgeous,

Gobsmackingly gorgeous, Willy. I really like the shawl too. It's beautiful. Nice stitchery. I'm wondering what color it is, though, if you said, "Grey is my friend." On my laptop the colors look to be light blue and cinnamon brown.