Kunststricken Waldesgrund - Herbert Niebling

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I just completed my first Niebling pattern for a table runner! Woo-hoo!

I was asked to knit a table runner for a neighbor lady who has prayed constantly for my health. So it was a delight to be able to give back to her.

I knit it with 10/2 cotton on a size 000 needle. The finished dimensions are 66"x32" (bigger than planned!). It will be used as a table runner. I revised the pattern thinking I would need it bigger than it was designed but apparently even with 000 needles I am extremely loose! The pattern calls for three center diamonds and I enlarged it to five. You knit those diamonds first and then picking up the stitches around the outside of them you knit the rest of the pattern in the round. I was actually much easier than it looks - but still requires attention to each line in the chart.

The name of the pattern is from Praktische Frau Und Mutter Hefte Nr. 476 - Kunststricken Waldesgrund. (Translated is: "Practical Woman and Mother Issues No. 476 - 'Kunststricken Forest Base'")

Here's the link to my Flickr account to see the rest of the photos:


Rick, you have become such a

Rick, you have become such a good and true friend. While I worry about you, I am glad to see that you continue to turn out such beautiful work. I am so happy that you decided to post the photos after all. You have inspired me to give such work a try.
By the way, thank you for explaining some of the abbreviations. I asked, but was not told what a BF sweater was. I was going nuts looking for one as an example.
Looking forward to your next project. And, LOVE the photo of you and K. You handsome old pain in the behind! :-)


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As usual I stand in awe of

As usual I stand in awe of your work...

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...while I fall on my face

...while I fall on my face in adoration of yours!

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YOWZA! 'nuff said. --

YOWZA! 'nuff said. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Wow! Really lovely!

Wow! Really lovely!

kudos to you! i've started

kudos to you!
i've started his "frosted fern" pattern several times now and end up tinking out about three times more than i ever knit without a final product to show for it. that's no small feat.

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Incredible! What a

Incredible! What a beautiful piece to treasure. I admire your talent.

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Your Christmas past sweater

Your Christmas past sweater color work is amazing - admiration right back at you!

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Just gorgeous! I would

Just gorgeous! I would love to try my hand at a Niebling pattern but they intimidate me.

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Yeah but you're knitting a

Yeah but you're knitting a sweater - and anything that has to have a neck opening the right size for a head and not too big...and two sleeves that are almost the same length...now THAT'S intimidating!

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Not so much. You can do

Not so much. You can do some fudging in the blocking :p

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

WOW - it is just stunning.

WOW - it is just stunning.

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Rick, that is beautiful.

Rick, that is beautiful.

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Astoundingly beautiful!

Astoundingly beautiful! Great job!

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that's gorgeous! I tried a

that's gorgeous! I tried a lace shawl once and didn't get very far... your finished object is inspiring... makes me want to attempt it again :)


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I'll admit this one was

I'll admit this one was slow...but I find lace to generally be speedier than other knitting simply because the holes take up a lot of space! Give it another go, Kyle.

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Your work is

Your work is stunning...Herbert himself would be pleased with what you made.

I love how you elongated it by adapting the pattern...great idea that Niebling used himself on a number of designs.