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Hey everyone!

I have been working hard on all kinds of projects lately, including the video tutorials page on my website:

My goal is to have a library of videos that are helpful so that there's another place for knitters to go to see techniques. It's also a way to have students from my workshops have easy access to the techniques I show them...

Take a look and if you have any suggestions for future videos, be sure to email me: kkunnecke (at) kylewilliam (dot) com

Thanks! :)


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Looks great Kyle!! Keep

Looks great Kyle!! Keep those videos coming!

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Outstanding work on the

Outstanding work on the tutorials, as well as the entire Web site! I learned a few new things. Thanks.

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Beautifully done! I'm

Beautifully done!
I'm recommending those to friends!

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Thanks, Joe - I intend to

Thanks, Joe - I intend to keep adding to the set as time and inspiration permits!


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Those are great

Those are great clear and well put together. Nice to have such a great resource.