Hooray for Thujas!

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I got into knitting after a friend, who was trying to quit smoking, started knitting scarves to keep her mind off of nicotine. It worked for a while and she offered to make me one, which offer I happily accepted. She fell off the wagon before she got to mine, but the idea of a nice hand-knit scarf remained so attractive that I finally broke down overcame my timidity, walked into an Istanbul yarn shop and got myself my first yarn (100% acrylic, gray, worsted) and needles recommended by the owner (absolutely enormous and inappropriate for anything but chunky yarn or lace work).

I did several scarves but it was socks that really attracted me. So after learning to knit in the round with a todger toaster (which I don't actually wear and will never model...some things just don't need to be inflicted on an already-suffering world after all), I tried my first toe-up sock. Got past the heel but it was so god-awful ugly that I frogged it. later I made a pair of very simple ribbed socks, which are nice but marginally enormous. Finally did a pair of thujas for someone else, and then one for me that fit perfectly. The pattern is available for free on Ravelry, and I think it's an ideal sock for a sock newbie; it works up fast, and has some nice seed ribbing that keeps it interesting. I've now done several pairs for friends, and the only thing I change is that I shorten the heel turning row, just knitting together rather than doing all the short rows; This avoids the extra rows beyond the 11 stitches that need to be picked up.

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Thanks, yeah it's very

Thanks, yeah it's very adaptable. I've done similar socks out of 4-ply too, just upping the number of stitches appropriately. The original free pattern is with only 44 stitches in a round so it's great if you want a quick sock.

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I happened across the

I happened across the pattern while researching something else. It is very comparable to my basic everyday sock. Thanks, again, for sharing. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Nice pattern. I'm not

Nice pattern. I'm not familiar with it but the yarn is similar to what I use for my everyday socks - slightly thicker than your usual sock yarn, more of a sport weight. It knits up fairly fast and makes a pretty durable sock. Keep up the good work. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.