A Note on Ribbing

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Thanks guys for all the tips..
For General Knowledge, I'm a continental knitter with my own twist of sorts.
I am actually quite adept at ribbing, I just don't care for it. It's not that I have trouble with it, or that I'm horribly slow with it. I've even done an entire cabled ribbed sweater. I just have a mental block with it that makes me either not want to even pick it up, feel like I'm in a time warp and terminally under sleeping, or even at times makes me entertain thoughts of burning it needles and all. I swear to the Woolly Gods that I would never do this. O wait, I did once cut an Entrelac scarf from its skeined moorings and throw it away rather than move it out of my way again. Does that count against my knitting Kharma?
I'm sure you all have similar things in your repertoire that you don't enjoy doing much. Or would rather drive your size 15 needles into your eye before doing. Mind sharing with the group? I know I'd like to hear them. Please Share.


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Even though we discussed

Even though we discussed this at the most excellent knitting evening last night [see posting above], I'll confess that I dislike Kitchener Stitch very much. That is the reason all my socks end with a drawn up toe. I can do Kitchener - and fairly adeptly - but I would rather not. Size 15 in the eye? Not likely that level of dislike, but avoiding it for a long time, definitely. [Oh, I'm not too fond of Brioche either. Although I can do it, if needed for a pattern.] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Since you dislike ribbing

Since you dislike ribbing so, maybe you'd prefer doing the brioche stitch in its place. The effect is somewhat similar, and you can do it all knit (or all purl) if you want, if you're working flat. Working in the round, you need to alternate rows of knit or purl. I think that there are actually four different ways to work this one stitch knitting flat, and you'd need to modify this slightly to work in the round.

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Thanks so much for that,

Thanks so much for that, Daniel! What an interesting stitch! I googled "brioche stitch" and found that there's an entire website (briochestitch.com) dedicated to it! There's also a YouTube video called "Prime Rib / Brioche Stitch Demonstration". Very interesting, indeed. I think I'm going to explore this.

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there's also a very good new

there's also a very good new book on Brioche stitch...which I could loan you, Tom....

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Thanks, Bill! What a

Thanks, Bill! What a library you have! If I ever get deeply into the brioche stitch, I just may take you up on that offer.

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I hope you enjoy it. Truly

I hope you enjoy it. Truly I do. I realized that my reply above may have come across as a bit judgemental...I don't do things that way. Opinionated, yes, on certain topics [check out my rants on handedness and knitting] but I really try to avoid judgements. After all, my philosophy is to have people discover what works for them while knitting. That way they can enjoy themselves. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.