we are famous!

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OK... I don't read (Russian?) - but some of the MWK boys are featured in this blog:


I saw MMario, Aaron, myself, Craig...

anyone know how to translate? I'd love to know what they are saying!


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That's awesome! Fave quote

That's awesome!

Fave quote (and pic): "I and my friends on knitting (knitting boys) in boxers, but we still knim and socks tied"

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Bad translation, Joe, or

Bad translation, Joe, or poetry? Edit just a bit and it reads like ee cummings:

"Profoundly mistaken misconception
That knitting is a hobby only lady.
Men also knit, more like knitting
and what a man!

Knitting should not be attributed to gender things!

Speak, men and knitting are not compatible
- it's like to say that a woman can not play golf.

Stupid sexist stereotypes
must be deferred
on both

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This is great. Congrats to

This is great. Congrats to the lads mentioned and now I can [hopefully] remember how to get things translated. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Wow, that's a trip to see

Wow, that's a trip to see many of your names on the page! Not to forget the beautiful pieces that they gave credit to. Cheers, Sid

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yup - kinda neat.

yup - kinda neat.

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For Google translator,

For Google translator, try
Then copy and paste the Russian text in the box and it should automatically detect Russian as the native language. The translations are a bit difficult to decipher, but some are pretty manageable.
Congratulations, boys, on the fame! I think it's neat that knitting men are being noticed around the globe.

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Thanks for the note, Kyle!

Thanks for the note, Kyle! And thanks for the translation tip, Kerry! It was a bit rough, but I got the same idea from it that you did.

Geez, I remember the days of college when we called the worldwide web the "Information Superhighway." Hahaha, how things have progressed!

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"He's not just knitting, but

"He's not just knitting, but still comes up to a svyazat." Who knew? :-)

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Yeah, I get that all the

Yeah, I get that all the time.

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I thought Kyle was using the

I thought Kyle was using the royal "We"...but he was actually talking about the group...LOL

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If you go to the above site,

If you go to the above site, then use Google translate, you get a reasonable translation of the Russian. It's all about men breaking out of stereotypes and knitting. It mentions the MWK mentioned above with links to their blogs. hope this helps.

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I clicked on recent events

I clicked on recent events and got an encoded page but by hitting shift ctrl alt at the same time and clicking on the x all was revealed, it took a long time to down load. Unfortunately I don't speak Russian lol.

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The link does not seem to

The link does not seem to work