Fleeced! The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

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The Best Beloved and I and our Rental Kid (the godson) all had a great time at MSWF yesterday. In the past, I've always gone on Sundays, but I have to tell you, Saturdays seem to be the day to go! The crowds were smaller and the merchandise more accessible. Thor, I stopped by to find you but you were not there, and WillyG, I just kept an eye out for you just in case...

I ended up with two fleeces, a fine Jacobs fleece and a beautiful Coopworth.

Favorite things of the day: the people at Hanson Spinners telling me that instead of repairing my broken fly wheel, they'd just send me a brand new one for free; Lexi Boeger, aka Pluckyfluff (author of Intertwined) giving the Rental Kid a spinning lesson, and all the diversity: women in goth outfits, men in utili-kilts, pink white people, grandmothers with amazing Sunday-go-to-church hats, lots of Muslim families (given my childhood in the Middle East I found this oddly comforting!), birkenstocked-back-to-the-earth people, polyestered suburbanites.

Probably the best part was a lady stopping the Best Beloved on the way out and asking "Why are people carrying all these bags of wool? What on earth are they going to do with it?" He answered, "These are hand spinners. They will spin it up and knit!" She responded "People still do that?"

I've attached some pics for your enjoyment.

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Oh, I think I saw you three

Oh, I think I saw you three as you were headed out...I was in the group lounging by the gate at the hospitality tent! I noticed a good-lookin trio of guys carrying bags of fleece out just around 5... sorry I missed ya! I got a bad case of tunnel vision, as is wont to happen when I'm in mind-numbingly crowded booths (Sanguine Gryphon, anyone?). I felt like I almost missed the festival myself!

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Oh that's funny - yes, that

Oh that's funny - yes, that was us! And I actually looked right over at that group as we were leaving. And yes, I understand the tunnel vision thing. After a couple of hours I get in a daze - I completely MISSED the Sanguine Gryphon which I was specifically told to find...oh well, next year. Did you have fun?

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Haha, I saw you looking over

Haha, I saw you looking over at us, but I wasn't sure it was you, and I was feeling pretty drained (needed some supper).

My favorite part of the festivals is the people, and I felt a bit disappointed this year that I got so focused on yarn. My festival buddy overslept and missed the bus, so I was alone, and perhaps I just buried my sorrows in a bucket of wool. Still, all was not lost. I have pretty yarn, and a handful of it from Sanguine Gryphon. And they ate my brownies when I offered them :)

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Thanks for the photos for

Thanks for the photos for those of us who couldn't be there.

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that fleece (DSCN0321) is

that fleece (DSCN0321) is GORGEOUS!!!

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Yes it is. Did you see the

Yes it is. Did you see the length of that staple. Yowza! -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Just washed the fleece -

Just washed the fleece - it's amazing. I don't think I'm even going to have to card it.

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Can hardly wait to see

Can hardly wait to see photos...it should make a fantastic yarn. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.