A shawl for the road

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To steal Kerry's words, "I recently discovered grey as a color and I love it." Couldn't have said it better.


Making a gradient from these three beautiful greys turned a potentially boring project into one that I expect to love for a long time.


And because I was careful in the weaving in ends, I consider it reversible. I love the purl side in striping.


Don't tell anyone, but it's really easy knitting. What is it about grey that makes me end up knitting stripes?



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You're welcome to my words

You're welcome to my words William :-) You and the scarf look great.

I looked at the site where the wool came from but they seem to have only a natural white, or perhaps I was looking in the wrong part of the site.

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I got the yarn at a shop in

I got the yarn at a shop in Philadelphia; much as it looks natural, they told me it was actually dyed. I don't know how to get more of the greys except by trekking to that shop. It sure is tempting...

Thanks for the permission, haha!

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Very nice work, Willy. The

Very nice work, Willy. The subtleties of the grays really show up in the photos where you are wearing the shawl. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Gracias! Here's a funny

Gracias! Here's a funny tidbit of my world...I don't have fancy photo equipment (camera, lightbox, etc) so I shot these pictures as I generally do...on the fly, using my phone. The fence pics are the morning wait for the bus, and the ones where I'm wearing them were taken as I waited for the bus in the evening, lucky to have some better light. I'm a fan of grey days for photo shoots, but the morning was rather ominous, and I think it came out in the photos as kinda flat.

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I might add that I do feel a

I might add that I do feel a bit self-conscious as cars pass by while I'm hurriedly snapping pictures of a shawl on a fence, or trying to hold the phone at an angle so the woman waiting fifteen feet away might not notice that I'm furtively taking a bunch of shots of myself. Eventually I embrace the awkwardness of what I'm doing.

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I made this pattern a little

I made this pattern a little while ago and am now kicking myself for just using one color. The gradations really take the pattern to a whole new level. Great job!

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There's always the chance

There's always the chance for a second go-round. This one is just that. :)

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Now that, is a shawl that I

Now that, is a shawl that I may even wear. Beautifully understated work. I have to admit I love it Sir. From the simplicity of the pattern to the elegance of the gradient work. And I am a sucker for gray... especially on a good looking guy.

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:) Heheh, you make me to

:) Heheh, you make me to laugh. I bought me a men's fashion magazine so I could meditate on what is out there, and I really enjoyed one or two pictures of a keffiyeh. So that was in my mind as I plotted this shawl. I'm playing with ways to wear it:


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That looks great! And it

That looks great! And it looks even better when you're wearing it!

I cast on my second Boneyard tonight, even though I haven't taken pictures of the first one that I just finished.

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Clearly we are going to have

Clearly we are going to have a serious photo session when I come up...

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I love it!! When you're

I love it!! When you're wearing it it almost loses the gray and somehow takes on some color! Beautiful!!

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Am I *that* white? ;-)

Am I *that* white? ;-)