Clerical stole finished in 1 week

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Hey guys. Thanks for your assistance in the knitpro question.
The stole was completed in only 1 week! The border up the long edge is seed stitch. The rainbow color up the edge is 3 st stitches wide, and was knit right along with the rest of the body. The body of the stole is in garter stitch. The outline of the crosses is done in stockinette stitch. The 2 square panels are done in stockinette stitch where the knits AND the purls are twisted. It gives a beautiful herringbone effect. The crosses are duplicate stitch. The pastor appreciated it so much she wore it on the following Sunday.

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Makes me wish I our church

Makes me wish I our church plant was more liturgical so i could make one of these to wear.

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Lovely work, Jim. I knit a

Lovely work, Jim. I knit a scarf for a friend as a going away present [she was going to a new church] and she liked it so much that she adopted it as a stole. I was very flattered. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Nice work.

Nice work.

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Nice work.

Nice work.

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Nice. I don't think I have

Nice. I don't think I have ever finished anything in a week in my entire life.

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Very nice!!! )O( R

Very nice!!!


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Lovely! The Knitting Mill

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Jim...A beautiful job, no

Jim...A beautiful job, no wonder the pastor wanted to wear it immediately. It looks great on her.