The Shawl... Unblocked

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So, I was finally able to get this done. The second panel was the same 16 repeats of the stitch pattern that made the original panel, so needless to say I was bored with it and had to muscle myself into completing it. I kept getting side tracked with baby hats.

Then, of course as I started the grafting of the live stitches, it decided to get busy at work. Which honestly, I don't mind being to busy to knit at work. They don't pay me fore my stitch work after all. The real upset was that on one of the busiest days we've ever had, our internet failed. All the programs we use for tracking our air ambulances and recording our Emergency Medical Service calls require the internet. So, just a bit of a problem. That's life, right?

So last night, I was dead slow. In fact all I did was talk to our crazy lady that always calls in. Not a single consult needed, or patient transfer, so I got to attack all 218 stitches of kitchner grafting. What can I say, if I'm not having fun one way I'll find another. But, it's done. I've attached a pic. I'll get it on the wires and blocked out tonight so there will be more pictures to come. I'll also have baby hat pics. I have Aprils quota almost filled.

And a side note (look a squirrel!), I'm a cusser. I just have a potty mouth. It's the family way, but I have to agree, there are certain situations and forums that foul language whether in humor or not is not appropriate. A public forum such as this one is one such place. I think if that's the stuff you feel you need to share, there's other areas, such as blog spot where it's your own blog page that others don't have to see just to peruse the days topics. That's my thoughts on the matter. Take'm or leave'm,

Hope you gentleman and out token ladies, have a wonderful weekend.

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nice job we won't just get a

nice job

we won't just get a cat, nubby nu nu, will manifest a kitten from our love...and lint from our hemp socks

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Hey Quinton, It looks

Hey Quinton,

It looks beautiful!! I'm jealous that you can knit at work... that's so awesome. I never have down time. Oh well. The shawl looks amazing. Hope things are good up in Casper! Can't wait to meet you and Joe this summer!

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IIf it helps, this is the

IIf it helps, this is the first job that i've ever held that has had such time that I can fill with knitting... and when it gets crazy, it gets really crazy.

Is everyone else as excited abouth this retreat as me? I have to heep reminding myself that itMs 3 months away and I need to calm down. Heck, I already have the projects to bring picked out!

You guys have a great weekend!


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I guess everyone's jobs get

I guess everyone's jobs get crazy at some point huh? Glad to hear you're so excited about the retreat!! It's been in the works since last summer, before I went to the fall retreat in Seattle!! Imagine how excited I am!!! By the time it comes around I will have had to be patient for over 12 months!!!! :-)

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It is SO BEAUTIFUL Quinton!!! I've never grafted lace before, but I'm interested in trying it. The color is great too! That sunny window sill looks so inviting. Don't you love knitting at work? Even when it's nighttime and I'm knitting in the call room or lounge when I can't sleep I still feel like I'm doing something naughty--which of course makes it that much more fun!

The Knitting Mill

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On slow nights it's the only

On slow nights it's the only thing that keeps these eyes open. I do have to agree, it's kind of like forbidden pleasures in a church. You have candlelight, incense, low lighting, and nothing ups the ante like good dosing of guilt.


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omg, two of my favorite

omg, two of my favorite MWKers knit together?! JEALOUS!!

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A Favorite? Well, I'm

A Favorite? Well, I'm downright flattered. If you ever find yourself in Casper, let us know. We'd be glad to crack a bottle of wine and share yarn stories as we knit away a few friendly hours.

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My goodness...I have to

My goodness...I have to second that emotion. I truly don't know what else to say. I am very excited about the Retreat, too: Being in an all-male knitting environment will make for an entirely new experience for me. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Very nice, Q. I didn't

Very nice, Q. I didn't realize this was a grafted piece. Makes it even more impressive. Looking forward to seeing this bit of loveliness blocked. Missed you at Wednesday night group. Hope to see you there next week. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I sent Jenny a msg letting

I sent Jenny a msg letting her know I couldn't be there. Bob was out of town and I had to work so I had to get the dogs tended to, myself fed and showered and to work. If I leave them to come to knitting, they'd be stuck alone for about 14hrs by the time I get home in the morning. I'll see you next week with a blocked shawl. Perhaps two.

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Jenny would have said

Jenny would have said something if I'd brought it up. I figured it was work-related. You were quite right to make sure the kidlets were able to be comfortable while you were at the job. Perhaps 2 shawls blocked? I'm not surprised. Looking forward to it. Maybe I'll have more socks knit by then. LOL But only if I quit reading so much. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.