As requested.... again and again.

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Okay guys, I was asked multiple times yesterday for a pattern that I use for my hats. I'm going to state again, that I make it up as I go, but attached here is a general outline that I typically follow. Like I said, it is a general outline. The darker blue hat that was in the original pic I did while in a dark movie theater, so obviously, it's not a cement kind of thing. You can add whatever kind of embellishments to this pattern, or even alter your numbers as long as you get the general concept.

Have at it! I'm glad that yesterday's posting got such a response!

Q and the whole darn muttley crew.

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Q, you write instructions

Q, you write instructions like I do. That is a good thing, in my opinion, since it encourages creative thinking. Thanks for sharing. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Thank You for the hat

Thank You for the hat pattern. I really like good general patterns--they give you a lot of latitude for variations and enlargements and flights of fancy.

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Thank you. A neighbor just

Thank you. A neighbor just had a baby, and this hat will a gift.

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Lucky kid! Have a great time

Lucky kid! Have a great time knitting it. If you so desire, up the stitch count to 90 and it becomes an older kiddo hat too. Probably fit just in time for this coming winter.