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Finally got around to taking a pic of my Boneyard Shawl

IMG_0198.JPGopkl.JPG225.07 KB


I do not know how you did

I do not know how you did it, Craig, but I am glad you did do it! BEAUTIFUL!!

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Very nice. I just love that

Very nice. I just love that colorway - lots of purple, according to the monitor I'm using. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Looks very nice. Stephen

Looks very nice. Stephen West is a good designer and his patterns are well explained, I've done Boneyard and a couple of Daybreaks and I'm very happy with them.

It's really quite stunning

It's really quite stunning Craig. Terrific work! Now you have me itching to get started on a shawl.

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It's BEAUTIFUL Craig! I made one for my ex, but now it's time to make one for me!

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Thank you Mill

Thank you Mill

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Hi Aaron The yarn is kettle

Hi Aaron
The yarn is kettle dyed by a New Zealand company called Creative Fibres(?).The colour is Blackberry.
The rows were long but I think that the piece I am working on now has longer rows...............

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Very nice work. That has

Very nice work. That has been on my list for too long - you inspire me.

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Beautiful, Craig! How big

Beautiful, Craig! How big is it?

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Tom at it's widest point it

Tom at it's widest point it measures about 64"

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Wow. By widest point I'm

Wow. By widest point I'm taking it that you mean the diagonal. So if it's just over five feet on the diagonal, the sides (according to Pythagoras) are very close to four feet long. That's a very long row. I've never knitted a row that long. Did you use two long (60") circulars to knit it?

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Beautiful handiwork! Who is

Beautiful handiwork! Who is the lucky person who gets to wear it? I'm sure they will wear it with pride. Well done.

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I am the lucky person who

I am the lucky person who wears it, it is nice and warm.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
This is a great shawl that is very flexible you did a great Job!

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Thank you Andy

Thank you Andy

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Very nice! Lovely colors

Very nice! Lovely colors too!

I'm working on my Boneyard. It's gotten big, and I needed to put it down for a bit. Those rows are LOOONNNG!