Video Tutorials - Magic Loop Sock Knitting

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I also learned with DPNs and

I also learned with DPNs and they are my weapon of choice for socks. Circular needles are great and I love them for lots of different things, but the sock I tried on them seemed so awkward and fiddley that I gave up and went back to my dpns. Try it all and pick what feels best!!

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I actually use both magic

I actually use both magic loop and DPN; for some socks magic loop seems less cumbersome. For others (like the Hemshin socks I'm working on now) DPNs are the way to go, particularly since I'm doing them round-the-neck and from the purl side - with DPNs it's just all laid out in front of you. The only method I really don't like is the "two circular needle" method. The constant pull of the inactive needle (I think that's the cause) causes a major laddering problem for me. It also seems more fiddly than magic loop, with more dangly bits to get the yarn tangled up in. But Cat Bordhi seems to swear by it.

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What an interesting post! I

What an interesting post! I googled "Hemshin socks" and found a lot of information about a most unusual ethnic group that seems to be either Armenian or Turkish. But couldn't find any pictures of Hemshin socks. What's distinctive about them? I also noted that you're doing the socks with the yarn around the neck from the purl side. Have you ever seen anyone else in Turkey knitting that way? Most curious, Tom

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I mainly use dpns, having

I mainly use dpns, having learned with them. I can do Magic Loop, teaching a group how to do it when doing a class based on my published pattern. [That was because all the size 1 dpns were sold out at my LYS and none got reordered before my class was scheduled to start; the owner was on vacation for several weeks.] I've also done 2 circulars but, overall, dpns are my tools of choice. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I'm getting used to the dpn,

I'm getting used to the dpn, but haven't learned the fine art of NOT stabbing myself, or letting the little guys slip away from me. I think I'll stick with circular for now, but keep training on the dpn, which is what I end up with anyway when things get too small to work with.

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Why do you need to go to

Why do you need to go to dpns when it gets too small to work with?? How snall is too small? As long as I have 4 stitches, I can still do circs with the Magic Loop. You can do EVERYTHING wtih ML... you don't NEED to use dpns... unless that is what you want to do.

Why are you stabbing yourself with the needles? That must not be very comfortable, but each to his own, I guess! :-) Sometimes the needles slip out if you are a loose knitter, but that hasn't happened to me. I keep a pretty firm grip on the yarn... they wouldn't dare slip out!

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I guess I'm just lacking in

I guess I'm just lacking in a certain degree of coordination. If I continue knitting, I'll invariably get the hang of it. I'm getting a bit discouraged actually.

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As with any part of

As with any part of knitting, it all gets better with practice. Just be gentle with yourself and try not to get impatient. It will improve. I put off knitting socks for a very long time and now work on them fairly regularly, wondering why I waited so long to start. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hey Mark, I taught/am

Hey Mark,
I taught/am teaching myself to do socks on magic loop. The first sock pattern I was introduced to (by Bill of this group) was for use with dpn's. I find the loop easier so I just converted it from three needles to two. It wasn't that hard. I don't think I even used paper and pencil. I wish I were more down with dpn's. I think they look more elegant and it's the way it's been done for centuries. But I just love my 60-inch addi turbo and the things I can make it do.

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I think it's all about what

I think it's all about what works for you (at this time). When I first learned socks I learned on dpn's, so I knew it was possible, but for a couple reasons I preferred using magic loop, then two shorter circular needles... now I'm back to dpn's. Who knows what phase will be next?

Of course, the sock I'm knitting on dpn's currently is testing my patience, since I can't really try it on until I get it off the needles. Grr! I'm so impatient!

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Hi Willy, I am struggling

Hi Willy,
I am struggling now with choosing the correct number of stitches to start with, the needle size, and the yarn weight. What do you use?

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Gee, if I had to do all that

Gee, if I had to do all that to knit a sock, I would never have learned. I am glad we just had dpn's when I started.

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Hi Ron, I agree that the

Hi Ron,
I agree that the magic loops are a bit cumbersome. I am actually going to knit the next socks using dpns.