Abysmal sock..but finished!

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I finished my first sock. It really is a horrid sight. I didn't use sock-weight yarn, so it's bigger than it should be, but it was a good learning experience. I left mistakes in, so I can remember where I struggled and avoid them the next time around when I attempt a real sock. I present the lovely monster, so everyone can feel quite accomplished when you all compare your work to mine. Hopefully, the next effort will be a stunning improvement. Hope springs eternal!

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Your "learning" sock turned

Your "learning" sock turned out really well. better than my first sock! It is amazing how much faster and better the next sock(s) will go.

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You guys are really great

You guys are really great and have done wonders for my ego. I'm just happy it looks like a sock and I am certain that I'll get the hang of things soon. Thanks again for all the kind words of encouragement. It means a lot to me.

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Nice job! In my book, as

Nice job! In my book, as long as you learn something from the experience, it's not time (or yarn!) wasted.

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Hooray for your success!

Hooray for your success! There's nothing there that should make you feel ashamed. Great work! May you love knitting socks.

I still have my first sock as a sort of mistake trophy, too. At the time, I was so disgusted that I forswore sock knitting for several years. I think you fared much better!

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I am knitting my first sock

I am knitting my first sock this week. If I did not laugh, I'd cry!

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Actually, as first tries go,

Actually, as first tries go, that is pretty good. I usually have beginers use thicker yarn and bigger needles as a way to see how everything progresses, then go down to finer yarn and needles. I knit very servicable socks for several years with worsted weight and #7 needles. Then worsted and #5s. Finally, #2s and sport weight before #1s and sock yarn. All make great socks, providing they fit well. Keep up the great start and you can only improve...it is all just practice. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Looks pretty good Mark. The

Looks pretty good Mark. The thing is you just keep getting better. I'm going to try the toe up magic loop method one of these days.


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Thanks, Dennis. you are too

Thanks, Dennis. you are too kind. It can only get better. But, all in all, I enjoyed the experience and look forward to pressing onward.