1970s Pamplet of Men's Patterns

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I just posted a blog entry about this pamplet called CraftsManShip, with knit patterns for men that I think are from the 1970s. Wow...hairy chests, wide belts, and the color avocado were all part of the look! Check it out! www.goodforaboy.com

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Love the book. I may

Love the book. I may actually try to make one or two of the items. Love the vintage books!

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Genius! i love it. But be

Genius! i love it.

But be honest, thats your dad isn't it??? :-)

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OH...sure, yeah!...That's

OH...sure, yeah!...That's right..That's my Dad!

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HOly CRAP! Thirty five


Thirty five CENTS!!!!!!!!