My knitting article and Knitting Retreat

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Hey guys, My knitting article is out. For those of you who wish to read it is on Facebook at Front Porch Living, the article is called "Hooked on a Hobby." Hope you will enjoy reading it.

My wife and I are hosting a knitting Retreat. Interested people should check out my blog:, for info. Or you can PM me and I will give you any info I have. I have attached the info file below if you wish to read!

Keeping Me in Stitches-1.doc55.5 KB


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I will!! Again, good luck

I will!! Again, good luck with your and with the Southeastern retreat!

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Wow Rusty!! Congrats on

Wow Rusty!! Congrats on organizing your retreat!! It sounds great! I hope you have a great turnout! I'm sure you will.

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Thanks. My wife is helping

Thanks. My wife is helping me with this small retreat before I tackle the Big one for the Southeastern Male knitting population. Let me know how the Rocky Mountain Retreat goes.