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I'm the cable man! Or should I say cable knitting mad. The problem is once you've worked your way around the obvious classics, finding new patterns is quite hard. There is the option to create your own but I find it very time consuming for very little good result. One other option is to ask around to fellow knitters for tricks and tips. So here it is: are you into cable? What is your favourite pattern? Have you created one you are particularly proud of?
I am posting a photo of a swatch I did recently which I like for its visual complexity and yet simplicity to work on...

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great cables. I have yet to

great cables. I have yet to try cables, i've watched a few youtube videos etc, and it looks challenging. Great job ;-)

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Cables Untangled


Continous cables<.a>

the :" features more than 80 original individual stitch patterns, most designed just for this book." curlicues, rings, swirls, knots—even intricate Celtic-inspired motifs—all richly embossed on knits!

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Check out

Check out Steve (mrhugzzz of this group) is all about cables.

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Thanks Steve! I'll check it

Thanks Steve!
I'll check it out later today, sounds like the type of place I'd hang around... :-)
Cheers Claude

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great cable you did by the

great cable you did by the way

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I have a book called cables

I have a book called cables untangled by melissa leapman great cables in there check it out

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Thanks for the book

Thanks for the book reference! I know of Melissa Leapman's books I particular like her 'Mastering Color Knitting'. She is a great inspiration in terms of colour and designs. I'll look out for the one you recommended. Claude

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I too am texture guy and

I too am texture guy and love making cables. At the local store where I was teaching I heard myself called "The Cable Guy" several times. I too was going to recommend the Leapman books. I think she is very creative. My recommendation for making your own is doing something like what I do. Instead of picking up the needles and yarn first, I print up just a plain grid off excel (I have one all sized to a single piece of paper and saved to my knitting file) grab a pencil, and start drawing out my idea there first. It seems to eliminate a lot of the time eating frustration. I do this especially if I have to do any shaping or seeming around a cable and want to get an idea of how to make it lay properly.

Good Luck using that crewative side and hope you come up with something fun to make it happen easier!