Sox can be fun

WillyG's picture least, I think these ones are. It's all because of my indecisiveness. I loved each of the colors involved, so I tried out a couple combos.

The fun is that depending on what part of the socks I'm showing, they match...

--or they don't.
In these boots?

I love a good knitting circle. While I was working on the first sock at knit night, the gal across the table piped up and told me that I don't need to fuss over a pattern. She says that she can knit socks by the seat of her pants, so to speak, since reading a book by the Yarn Harlot. She offered to photocopy the bit from the book that really helped her get a grasp of socks, but I try to avoid copying when I can. She was able to talk me through the heel, and I was able to get the book, since we were knitting at a bookstore cafe. I'm so glad I didn't just accept the sock bit. I've been knitting for years, and I have knit at least five pairs of socks and used different approaches to sock knitting, but Stephanie gives a great bare-bones explanations of socks that, I think, makes the book worth the thirteen bucks. (Okay, I used a coupon. Nine.) It strikes me as a guy-friendly approach to knitting, discussing the how-to's of the craft so that you can make it up yourself and put off asking for directions. So there's an unintended book review of Knitting Rules by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

And here's a little celebrity shot.



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I like those socks! I've had

I like those socks! I've had sox on my list for a while, but had too many other projects ahead of them, so I haven't got to it yet. I want to make some nice tall, warm ones for use in my winter boots. I hope I get to it while there's still cold weather. I'm almost finished with the Irish hiking scarf I started last spring. :-)

I ordered a copy of that book from Amazon. That should speed things along.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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I love the idea that socks

I love the idea that socks can coordinate without matching. You've really started something here.

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So glad you posted this,

So glad you posted this, Willy. I've been telling folks for years that sox aren't frightening. [Well, maybe argyles, back when you knit them flat and sewed the seams.] That is why I always tell students, "Play around with them. Try different styles of heels and toes. Once you find what works for you, you will be on your way." -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Well said! I think I've

Well said! I think I've been doing just that, and I think I found my ticket. It makes me want to knit socks.

P.S. I still want to knit socks from patterns, but I'm impressed with how many socks that really strike my interest are simple, ribbed socks. I think now I can internalize the pattern Stephanie gave in order to crunch the numbers as I go and not have to fuss with papers every time I want a portable project. And as you pointed out, there's a whole mess of ways to skin a sock.

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Thanks, Willy. I had a set

Thanks, Willy. I had a set formula for socks that I knit for years, working from memory, based upon which yarn and needles I used. One time, they wouldn't fit properly...I realized my feet had changed shape as I aged. D'Uh...I knew that but never figured it would happen to me. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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What??? I work with

What??? I work with elderly, so that shouldn't surprise me. I see lots of transformed feet...but I have never made the connection. Good point.

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Great looking socks.

Great looking socks.

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Mis-matched is apparently

Mis-matched is apparently way in. While walking my kids to school, I pointed out to one of my kids' friends that they were wearing shoes that didn't match. That got the eyes to roll. "DAAAaaaaaD! It's supposed to be like that!" I may even have to give up the "two at a time" method just so I can do one sock at a time and not worry about the match.

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Haha, I heard something like

Haha, I heard something like that, too. Far be it from me to be 'way in.' I've always been about five years behind the fashions. Or just way off the map. But I guess for once, I can wear these in consolation that, at least to teens around the country, I'm hip.

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Or 40 years behind -

Or 40 years behind - mismatched socks was the thing when i was in HS

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LOVE the socks!!!

LOVE the socks!!! Seriously...I'm so copying your stripes/color idea. Genius!

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I'm glad you like. It seems

I'm glad you like. It seems like my fits of 'genius' always come when I make a mistake.

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I recall the "Knitty Gritty"

I recall the "Knitty Gritty" episode where Stephanie was the guest and she was knitting a pair of socks. I sat transfixed to the television in HORROR!! At first, it was only my palms that were sweating, then I began to perspire in earnest, my head swimming and my heart pounding in my chest. I felt so VIOLATED BY HER FREEDOM!!! Knitting socks has been such a point of "Pride Through Precision" for me. I just couldn't even conceive of someone being so "loosey-goosey" about knitting them (or any fitted item for that matter! I think that is why knitting a sweater remains such a great big scary green monster on my knitting "To Do" list!!) Good for you and your radical free thinking and knitting ways. For me, I fear, I shall stick my my overly planned sock formula where I knit toe-up and account for each and every stitch before I even cast on. Sometimes it's cozy in my tangled web of obsession!

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That's hilarious!

That's hilarious!

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Thanks for the book

Thanks for the book recommendation, Willy. I've just put a hold on it at the library. Love the second picture of your feet in the socks in the boots in the snow.

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Great socks. I don't think

Great socks. I don't think it matters how you make them - toe up, cuff down, with a pattern, without a pattern, Fair Isle, plain, lacey, patterned - I have never seen an ugly one. Glad you like The Yarn Harlot. I follow her blog faithfully. I have never followed a pattern myself, although I have looked at a few. They seem overly complicated with their talk of numbered needles. I admire those that can follow them.

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The Harlot would be proud of

The Harlot would be proud of you!!

GREAT JOB William! I am

GREAT JOB William! I am ALMOST ready to try socks. I love what you did.