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I'm working on the vest from Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who love Them. Anyone know where I can get some info on corrections to the pattern?




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There's no errata

There's no errata information listed on the Ravelry site for the pattern (

It's listed for 12 projects... one of whom (MinnieKN) noted that there were errors and that you could download an updated chart - you might contact her/him (I don't know whether it's a man or a woman who knit it for his/her husband).

Hope that helps!

Grace and Peace,

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I don't know if the vest

I don't know if the vest pattern is listed on her site but there is a correction page here.

Good luck!

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if you google errata you

if you google errata you will find a link that covers all major publishers, hope this helps

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The author's website is

The author's website is She doesn't list any errata for that book but it does include an email address. Perhaps a note to her will answer your questions.

Good luck.