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I finally sewed the buttons on the sweater I knitted for my grandson! This is the "Positive Chi" pattern that Millard designed last fall. LOVE it!
It's a beautifully designed pattern, great fun to knit. I may try to re-knit it in a larger size...which means adapting the pattern...(I knitted the largest size listed)...because I think it's "timeless"...and my grandson Nicholas will want it when he's bigger as well.

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Very nice sweater, Bill.

Very nice sweater, Bill. You have very lucky grandchildren. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I want for...no, I YEARN for

I want for...no, I YEARN for those buttons!

Oh, yeah, the knitting is quite...quite.


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I didn't take note of the

I didn't take note of the buttons until this morning. I'm with you Mark—those buttons are AWESOME! I'm off to check if M&J sell them.

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Mark, I got them at

Mark, I got them at Imagiknit here in San Francisco...I think they had several sizes...do you want me to get you some?
I KNEW you'd like them...you're just like my six year old grandson!

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The sweater is beautiful.

The sweater is beautiful.

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O Wow! What beautiful

O Wow! What beautiful work

by the designer and the knitter. I would love to make this. Where is Millard selling the pattern? This feel like knitting retreat material - Phil

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The pattern is for sale.

The pattern is for sale. Phil, I sent you a pm, but wanted to post the link for anyone else interested:
Positive Chi


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OH Bill...I LOVE the colors

OH Bill...I LOVE the colors you chose! The differences in the stripes are very cool. Thanks so much for posting the pics and also for your wonderful feedback about the pattern while you knitted it!!!

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Bill - That sweater is

Bill - That sweater is amazing. I wish I had a grandad that knitted such cool clothes when I was a child!

Great colours.