First glove...with pictures!

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So this is my first glove. It’s a little rough around the edges and all through the middle as well. I didn’t bind it off. I just used a life line to tie it off. I need to find (and master) a double knitting bind off that I like. And while I’m on the subject of double knitting, I’d just like to say that copious amounts of information on double knitting are hard to come by. Done by! Gum by! (Apologies to Tolkien...couldn’t help it).

I made it for a guy at work who got shot in the hand. (Note to MMario: Another good reason to live out in the country: you’re less likely to get shot...unless Dick Cheney is in the area, of course.) As a result of getting shot, his pinky and his ring finger got fused together and he has been wearing the torn off sleeve of a shirt up around his hand. He saw me knitting one day at work and asked me if I could make a fingerless glove for him. So I got on it. I asked him if he wanted it for warmth or just to cover up his hand and he said he wanted the warmth as well so I double knitted it. Twice as warm that way, I figure.

I need/want to spend some time making single layer gloves. There are lots of bits that I need to get more of a grip on: the bit between the thumb and the palm and the bits between the fingers. I want to learn how to make a fully fingered glove too. Anyway that’s the latest from this knitter. Stitch on My Hearties!

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cool gloves. you have the

cool gloves. you have the great taste when it comes to design & color.

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Thanks for all the kind

Thanks for all the kind comments and encouragement, Guys. This group is the best!

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Great work, as always, Tom.

Great work, as always, Tom. And like Andy said, we're missing you Mondays.

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Great job, and they well

Great job, and they well certainly keep his hands warm.

Well done!

Well done!

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Beautiful snowflake/star

Beautiful snowflake/star pattern on the glove. I really like large graphic patterns on knits.
Care to share?

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Absolutely! The pattern is

Absolutely! The pattern is from The Complete Book of Traditional Fair Isle Knitting by Sheila McGregor. I got it out of the library. The back half of the book is just pages and pages and pages of graphed paper with close to a thousand of these motifs. Maybe more, there's too many to count, that's for sure. It's very simply presented: squares that are either empty or have a black dot in them. And she's got them separated by pages into how many stitches across they are. They range from 3 across to 31 across. The pattern on the glove is 17 across. If you're into using these kinds of motifs in your knitting, I really recommend this book. You'd hardly need any other. I should mention that I knitted each row of the pattern twice. If you just knit it once it comes out a little too flat or squat for my taste. So on that glove the pattern is 17 stitches wide but 34 rows tall. (Actually it's 35: I goofed and knitted one row 3 times.)

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Good resource - thanks.

Good resource - thanks.

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I really like the shading on

I really like the shading on the design.

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That looks GREAT Tom and I

That looks GREAT Tom and I love the pattern! I still haven't tackled double knitting, but it's on my list. It's so nice of you to knit the glove for your colleague.

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Nice work! FYI, there are 2

Nice work! FYI, there are 2 bind off techniques shown on P.220 of The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques by Margaret Radcliffe. It's a pretty recent book, so it should be available in book stores.

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Awesome! I've got that

Awesome! I've got that book! I never noticed that. Thanks so much for pointing that out, Michael.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
Great Job Buddy, we miss you at Monday Nights

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Congratulations. A great

Congratulations. A great glove. I hope you are giving yourself lots of pats on the back.

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Beautifully made!!!!

Beautifully made!!!!