A Beggining Of Sorts

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After what my profile says is a year and 35 days of being a member -often more silent than not- I think it is time for me to get in touch with the knitting community here on MWK. I have to admit that it seems a lot of time seeing it written like that, but somehow it has been more than entertaining, following everybodys projects and even getting the answers I needed from questions other people asked.
After another year of knitting, which has been my most productive yet, I wanted to share a couple of projects that have raised my satisfaction level with my knitting produces. The first is a (very) slight variation of a pattern I found on Ravelry, called Destroyed Cowl. This was the first thing I knit for myself (I seem to enjoy knitting more when it's for other people, but sometimes one has to take care of oneself) and haven't had a chance to really wear it, but I do take it out of the wardrobe every now and then. The second is my first completely improvised pattern! Completely from scratch, with no more than my knitting instinct (which I can assure has taken its time to develop), I came up with this hat with earflaps and pompom! ( I was really proud of it, even if it did come out a bit wonky). I have attached photos, so please take a look.
And here it ends, for now.

an_improvised_hat1.26 MB
an_improvised_somebody_with_hat1.24 MB
me_and_my_satisfaction_look1.26 MB
the_reason_of_my_satisfaction1.28 MB


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Excellent work! You have a

Excellent work!

You have a great eye for design...


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Boys, I think we have

Boys, I think we have another master knitter in our midst.

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i like that cowl. is it

i like that cowl. is it twisted knit?

we won't just get a cat, nubby nu nu, will manifest a kitten from our love...and lint from our hemp socks

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You certainly know your

You certainly know your stitches! I've only recently discovered that I was taught the "combined purling method", which produces a twisted stitch.

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Love the cowl! Keep up the

Love the cowl! Keep up the good work.

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I'm loving the destroyed

I'm loving the destroyed cowl. Not sure if its the name or the actual object that I like the most, but I think I need to knit me up one of those. Thanks for the pics!

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Great work. Both projects

Great work. Both projects are beautiful. The ear flap hat is wonderful and original.

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Really like the hat - very

Really like the hat - very "Who-ville" which is great for this time of year.

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Great work Nico! Thanks for

Great work Nico! Thanks for sharing the pic of your hat and cowl.
Best, John