Soft Fluffy Stocking Hat

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Hello men!
I have made a couple stocking hats and enjoy making them. I now want to make one using size 13 needles. I am going to be using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. 108 yards, 170 grams. When I was using size 7 needles, I cast on 88 stitches on my circular needles. Because I am using such a thick yarn an a corresponding large needle, how many stitches should I cast on to get to 22". I did a 4x4 gauge square and find 9 stitches and 9 rows.
What would you all suggest?


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This is EZ's method on all

This is EZ's method on all her sweaters when she did the ribbing. You want it to pull in a bit, and this is just enough.

For a hat, while you are making it to fit a certain size, remember that it needs to be snug so that it fits well. A loose hat is just no good -- it needs to be stretched slightly for it to fit. The same with a sock.. it needs to be slightly smaller than your foot so it stretches and then it will fit perfectly. This applies to most next-to-the-skin garments. For other things, like a sweater, you want to add some ease to allow some room for you to move inside it. A sweater should not have to stretch to fit you -- although I find some of my sweaters get that way in a relatively short time -- it's our dry climate, you know. A ribbing around the waist, or cuffs, should fit tighter than the rest of it, usually. And the same for a hat. You could make it fit tighter by reducing about 15%, if you wanted.

Stretch your swatch as much as you think it should be stretched so it would fit, and then measure gauge. You will see what I mean.

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9 st in 4"?? well, 9/4 x 22

9 st in 4"??
well, 9/4 x 22 = 49.5, lt's say 49.
Less about 10%: 49 - 5 = 44
What pattern are you using? For 2/2 rib (preferred) for the brim, you need 44 sts. You can increase a few sts after the ribbing for whatever pattern you are using.

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Tallguy, I'm curious, why

I'm curious, why the -10%

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It's a standard measure of

It's a standard measure of negative ease for hats - for most ribs it gives a snug but not tight fit. And it's easy to calculate.

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I have used this yarn on my

I have used this yarn on my knifty knitter loom and something tells me around 40 stitches (the green loom is 36 pegs). I guess it will also depend on your stitch pattern multiple. Hope this helps.