Lace Shawl Bind Off

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I am almost done with my sister's lace shawl. It's my first lace and I wonder what the best bind off is for a shawl. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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From what I can see of the

From what I can see of the pattern they reccomend going up 3 sizes on your needle for your bind off - so I think the lace bind-off with the same size.


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Good advice from Mario.

Good advice from Mario.

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It's the Chinook Shawl. The

It's the Chinook Shawl. The directions say to block it hard. So, I will be taking your amazing advice. Thanks!

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Buck - to some extent it

Buck - to some extent it depends on whether you will be blocking it HARD or just giving it a gentle block; it also depends to some extent on the design.

For a shawl that is going to be blocked HARD (to the point of "please god don't let this rip" stretch and pull) I use :
k1,* put back on needle, k1, put back on needle; k2tog tbl - repeat from *

This includes designs where the final round is to be pulled out into points.

If it is going to get a gentle block - knitting a simple 2 or 3 stitch garter edge perpendicular to the shawl can be quite effective, and gives enough stretch.

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I use Mario's suggested bind

I use Mario's suggested bind off and I block my lace shawls hard or maybe I should say, tight. I have recently bound off a Niebling lace shawl using a crochet chain stitch bind off but I haven't blocked it yet. So can't comment on that yet.

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I'm saving that! ...I'll

I'm saving that!
...I'll actually knit some lace some day...

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I just started a benefit

I just started a benefit donation in lace and will keep this bind off in mind when I finish it. Thanks -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.