thanks to Knit4brains...

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Without you I will never without you, I never heard of wool with mink ...
after the message Knit4brains, I found on internet a lot of the yarn MERINOMINK ... in color natural...
And here's the result ...

A week that winter is here ... snow and cold in the program ... But also knit ... last scarf to support this Winter ...

scarf with mink .jpg172.46 KB
scarf with mink 1.jpg210.35 KB
sacrf with mink details 2.jpg197.75 KB
sacrf with mink details.jpg246.76 KB


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Lovely pattern - and I love

Lovely pattern - and I love that colour!

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You're an extraordinary

You're an extraordinary knitter! It's just beautiful.

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Very handsome pattern!

Very handsome pattern!