Arthur Knits ...

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Yeah, I know it's a cartoon, but this is pretty cute. It's good to see they're trying to break down the stereotypes at a young age!

Hugzzz 8-)

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Awww. The video has been

Awww. The video has been removed now. Oh well.

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It's not pink, it's

It's not pink, it's FUCHSIA!!! :)

I learned to knit when I was a kid in about the same way (minus the secret code angle). Except that my mom didn't want to teach me because she was afraid kids would make fun of me. I made her life miserable till she did. Then I wanted to take my little swatch of cloth to show-and-tell. Mom again discouraged me because I'd get teased. I took it anyway, and what happened was that within a week, almost every kid in the class was knitting. :)

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Loved it. Thanks for

Loved it. Thanks for posting this. I saw yesterday on the "Knitting Daily" show that elementary schools are looking for volunteers to teach knitting to young girls and boys in the public schools. Apparently there is an ongoing campaign where afghans, caps and scarves are needed in hospitals and homeless shelters.

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This is FANTASTIC! Thanks

This is FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing.

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"fuchsia is an oboe concerto

"fuchsia is an oboe concerto with hints of atonality...."

Love it!

Grace and Peace,

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I think that's an excellent

I think that's an excellent representation of the male knitting experience in many ways. I most love the part where the knitted scarf is compared to a Mozart concerto...quite high praise indeed.

Thanks for posting this.

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It was Schubert... :-) love

It was Schubert... :-) love him.