Pattern for the Blue Sweater - Any takers?

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Hi guys ... since I had some encouragement to write up the pattern for the blue raglan sweater with the twist-stitch pattern stripes when I posted here about finishing it (see my blog entry on 10/20), I tried to do just that.

Writing a pattern, I have concluded, is a lot of work... I've stared at and tinkered with the Excel spreadsheet I used to try to get all the numbers right until my eyes are bloodshot. I think it's higly probable there are errors left, but I'm at the point that I'm not finding anymore. The pattern is written for chest sizes 36, 40, 44, 48, and 52 inches.

Would any brave soul like to attempt to either review the pattern for issues or test knit it? All I can offer you in return is the pattern itself, but if this interests anyone, please send me a private message with an email address where I can send the pdf file. (And, of course, please don't copy it, share it with anyone else, post it anywhere, etc. etc.)

Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing. I know there are groups for this on Ravelry, but I've never really established a presence there (I know I should, and I keep intending to...).

Here's the pic of the finished sweater again, in case you missed it before



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I don't think I'd be good to

I don't think I'd be good to test this, as I've never knit a sweater before --- but if you don't get the volunteers you need I can ask for a couple on my group over at M2K2......

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That's beautiful! If you've

That's beautiful! If you've shown it before, I must've missed it. Wow! The detail and flow if pattern throughout is great! Good color choice as well.

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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Not stepping forward as a

Not stepping forward as a test knitter, the pattern looks a little more advanced than what I could do right now. But, once you get the pattern down and tested, consider presenting it to Vogue or Knitter. That's a winner!

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I really love that sweater

I really love that sweater and would love to test knit it for you.

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I will raise my hand to your

I will raise my hand to your offer. I do have a 2 week vacation starting today and will be able to devote some time to it but with this caveat: If I can't finish it in the 2 weeks, then it may take a few weeks longer. I do work a full time and a part time job. It's been years since I've done a sweater. I fact, I've only attempted one before this and was only a half-sleeve away from being finished when, over a holiday of some sort, the cat managed to chew a huge hole in the completed arm. But, I'm looking for a challenge and something to do so if you'd like, BRING IT ON! It is a beautiful sweater.