Wear Purple on October 20th

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Hi, everybody. I had a friend tell me about the "Wear Purple on October 20" movement that just started in conjunction with the Facebook "It Gets Better" Project. It is a way to show solidarity and support to at-risk Gay youth in the struggle against suicide. I normally wear purple on a regular basis but I wanted to get the word out so that - hopefully - we have a tidal wave of purple (in all its various shades) on that day so that struggling youngsters can know that they are truly not alone and that people they don't even know offer kindness and caring as they go through life. I hope you join me. Thanks.


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I'm not sure I actually own

I'm not sure I actually own anything purple! Hmmmm...trip to the mall!


Think less, enjoy it more.

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Oh, I'm ALL about

Oh, I'm ALL about that!

Since day 1.


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Count me in. Thanks for

Count me in. Thanks for letting us know this.

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I can do that. I don't have

I can do that. I don't have any purple clothes but I do have some purple yarn in the stash. I think I'll knit up a purple arm band. Great suggestion, Joe!

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Your suggestion is also

Your suggestion is also great. I don't know much on the details, just that people wear purple. As I have several hats, neck scarves, shirts, etc., I figure I have plenty to pick from. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.