Operation Gratitude THANK YOU

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hey guys - THANK YOU for your donations to Operation Gratitude! - we received over 30 hats and scarves from men all over the U.S. and because of you lots of soldiers (men AND women) will be smiling in a few months... the items you knit will be shipped in care packages to our soldiers who are lonely and on duty serving our country - and despite our thoughts about the wars and what we think we should be doing, you stood up and recognized that there is a true sacrifice made when a citizen answers the call of duty.

I am honored to present to Operation Gratitude our handiwork, and thank you for the opportunity to do so.

Well done, boys!


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Looks great Kyle, thanks for

Looks great Kyle, thanks for inspiring us to do this.

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Those look great!! So warm

Those look great!! So warm and comfy!! Thanks for organizing and coordinating Kyle!