Operation Gratitude Handmade Drive (UPDATE) - Deadline: September 30, 2010

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hey boys

just touching base again about the project of knitting things for our soldiers -

thank you to those who have sent items - plese don't wait to send yours out - get it knit and shipped -

info on the project can be found here:


please print, repost, talk about it on your blogs, your podcasts, your knit groups.. wherever you can - and let's reacy 100 hand knit items for our soldiers -

thank you! -

I made this note sticky to remind folks of the impending deadline - please keep sticky. thanks!


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Thanks for doing this Kyle,

Thanks for doing this Kyle, It has been something from which all of us have benefitted. I'm exceedingly glad to have done something for our people in service, and I'm glad to be a part of a community that takes care of these people, in whatever way we are able.

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thanks everyone! I'll

thanks everyone! I'll probably hold off a week or so before sending out the hats and scarves we made - Michael I got your package - I'm watching for these others and then I'll bring them out to the donation place.

You're all an inspiration!


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Mine is in the post as well,

Mine is in the post as well, scheduled to arrive Monday. Thanks again, Kyle!

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Hey Kyle, Sent my package

Hey Kyle,
Sent my package Thursday the 23rd. You should receive it Saturday or Monday:)

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I sent a package off today.

I sent a package off today. I hope it makes it in time.


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Well, I've sent off my

Well, I've sent off my package. Hope they enjoy them.

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I've got several hats ready

I've got several hats ready for this project. The hardest part for me isn't the hats, it's getting everything packed up and mailed out :) Glad you brought up this up, helps to have a little kick in the butt to finish up!

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I've got two hats and two

I've got two hats and two scarves boxed up and ready to go, but I haven't written the notes to include yet. Out of town this weekend, but I'll do it when I get back.

BTW Kyle, these two hats match the two scarves, one set of brown and one set of camo. Should I do a separate note for each piece, or do you have any inclination to send out the set?

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I suggest separate notes for

I suggest separate notes for each item - that way instead of one soldier getting a matching set, we can make 2 different soldiers smile with your beautiful work!

and if anyone wants to just write and mail a note to the soldiers, feel free to do that as well - it doesn't need to have anything to do with knitting - just that you're appreciative that they're working to keep us safe, and to come home safe... encouraging positive notes of a few sentences make all the difference!



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I cast on one last hat

I cast on one last hat tonight...when it's done I'll ship 'em out to ya! Thanks for helping head this up!